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Pythian Chooses RedCreek Communications for Its New DBA Outsourcing Services

           RedCreek Technology Enables New Internet-Based Industry

    NEWARK, Calif., March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- RedCreek Communications, a leading
provider of network encryption and security solutions, today announced that
its Ravlin 4 Virtual Private Networking (VPN) hardware has been selected by
The Pythian Group an Ottawa, Canada based consulting group, for deployment in
a groundbreaking new market segment. VPN technology has traditionally been
utilized within a single organization to link separate and geographically
distinct business locations over the Internet. The announcement today marks
the first time VPN technology will be used to secure client/provider
communications over the Internet.
    The Pythian Group, an IT and management consulting company, announced that
the Ravlin 4 product line has been selected as a core component of their
DBASource Oracle DBA outsourcing service. The RedCreek Ravlin 4 unit will be
deployed at no cost to DBASource clients so that DBA team members can
maintain, administer and troubleshoot Oracle databases in an entirely secure,
transparent manner.
    "RedCreek technology is key to enabling this service," said Pythian Group
partner Steven Pickard. "We evaluated products from RedCreek competitors such
as Timestep, Microsoft, VPNet and IRE in a formal process. The Ravlin 4 meets
or exceeds all of the functionality requirements for DBASource at a
breakthrough cost."
    Michael Abbey, Oracle Press author, Oracle server specialist and DBASource
team leader stated, "This is another fine example of how breakthroughs in
technology and cost can trigger unforeseen applications. Kudos to RedCreek on
a remarkable product line."
    "In designing our technology we targeted several obvious applications such
as connecting remote branches of the same company. "Today we have shown that
the resulting ease of implementation, cost of ownership, and network
throughput can enable additional applications that we had not foreseen," said
Agnes Imregh, Vice President of Marketing of RedCreek Communications, Inc. "We
are confident that the growing Internet-based data and service industry and
the ensuing need for securing client/provider communications will trigger an
important new VPN market segment. "We are pleased that a management and IT
consulting company, with this application in mind and in a formal selection
process, has chosen our product over those of our competitors."

    About the Ravlin 4
    The RedCreek Ravlin 4 is a cost-effective network security solution that
performs encryption and decryption with a throughput of 40% of the theoretical
maximum of Ethernet. Network administrators use it to establish private
communications within secure intranets (as between corporate divisions,
workgroups, branch offices, and individuals) or within secure extranets (as
between customers, suppliers, and strategic partners.) Its low cost lets
organizations establish security over private or public IP networks quickly
and easily.

    About RedCreek Communications, Inc.
    Founded in July 1996, RedCreek Communications, Inc. develops and markets
the Ravlin family of network security products based on its revolutionary and
patented CryptoCore Architecture. The Ravlin 4, 10, and 100 products give
customers the widest range of network security solutions at lowest cost, and
are the only products that operate at full wireline speeds without degrading
network throughput. RedCreek is headquartered in Newark, Calif. RedCreek may
be reached at 510-745-3900 or

    About The Pythian Group, Inc.
    Founded in July 1997 by a group of experienced Oracle technology
consultants, The Pythian Group is a privately held management and IT
consulting firm based in Ottawa, Canada. The Pythian Group serves clients
across North America with practices specializing in Oracle database, Oracle
applications, data warehousing, client/server development and management
consulting. The company's mandate is to promote teleconsulting, the process of
providing consulting services from off-site, and its vision is that of a
marketplace where IT services are available to those who need them regardless
of where the experts are. For information on The Pythian Group, call
613-841-3393 or visit

SOURCE RedCreek Communications, Inc.
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