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Updated on: 08/05/00

Collaboration Page  Home of "Hostage Situation" and future home of Sherry's stuff.

My one claim to fame in the rather prolific X-Files Fanfic universe was in coining the term FlickFic - referring to the fiction written relating directly to Fight the Future, the first X-Files feature film released in the summer of 1998.

All of my stories tend toward the light MSR/UST. There's no NC-17 here, only because I can't write it. So, kick back, warm up a cuppa and get to reading. Drop me a line and let me know you've been by (

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My Fic (such as it is...)

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Not in seasonal order, just in the order created and/or posted.

Again, no particular order here. General Fic:
Just fanfic as it hit me, again in order of creation/posting, not in alphabetical or any other logical order.

There's more to come, this page will change from time-to-time, check back soon! If any of the links are bad or missing, drop me a line at

Disclaimer: All fanfic on this page has been created by me for the direct purpose of entertainment ONLY. No profit, direct or indirect, has been made from the creation, publication and/or distribution of the above fanfiction. All recognizable characters from the 20th Century Fox television show The X-Files are the sole property of 20th Century Fox television. No copyright infringement is intended. Any other characters are solely my own and not for sale or publication without written permission by the author.

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