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This fanciful machine represents a blending of science and magick called Radionics.
Radionic science was developed in the 1920's by Ruth B. Drown, but perhaps
earlier the principles were referred to as Radiesthesia. It was about that time that much
progress was being made by Theosophists Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. There was a very serious attempt to yoke the mysticism of the East to the self-assuring progress of science. Essentially, it is a feedback circuit that requires a sensitivity on the part of the operator to the bioenergy of the patient.

(Reichenbach called it Odyle; Reich, Orgone; Paracelsus, Munia; Eeman, X Force; Alchemists, First Matter; Chinese, Chi; Japanese, Ki; in India, Fohat; Alice Bailey, Cosmic Fire. Everyone seems to find a name for something that describes that which is missing from "dead matter".
How can we doubt the existence of something everyone in the world seems to have found independantly?)

What is required then, is a sample of the patient (blood is good), and a "rate sheet" that describes what the settings of the dials represent. A finger is placed on the "sensor" and gently rubs as the dial is adjusted. When it corresponds to the relevant rate, the sensor feels slightly sticky. The "Rate Sheet" is the "software".

You have probably guessed it- it is a form of dowsing, using the apparatus to make it appear more official and impressive. Now I personally have no trouble with the concept, in fact now that we know that there is no electronic basis to this apparatus, we can free it from hardwiring. It now exists as an html document. Sort of fun?

Other kinds of circuits

You might as well use a pendulum or try this method: Place your left middle finger lightly against your thumb of the same hand. This forms a kind of circuit that can be open or shut, flowing or cut-off. Put your index finger and thumb of your right hand between them so that they can easily break the circuit. Now practice asking yourself yes-or-no questions with purposeful directness. When the answer is "yes" the circuit is difficult to break. When it is "no" it will be much easier. Practice until you can discriminate "yes" and "no" very clearly. It requires discipline, but in time you can use this tool to get accurate answers to questions you don't consciously know. In fact, on some level you know the correct answer to any question. You just have to reach deep enough, and we are exploring here the tools to do it.


The process of diagnosis can be reversed to that of treatment, and this is where the demonstration on this page becomes relevant. The position of the dials are set for general healing energy across the range. If you place your hand over the "Mirror" you will feel a steady stream of life-energy as either coolness or slight heat beaming from the center, as it is connected to the radionic device on this subpage's "Output". If you will tape a "witness" sample of blood (on a scrap of paper) on the screen over the "subject" you will be personalizing the output for a specific person.

The energy-source is a permanent installation here at Brigit's Garden. Good health and Energy.

copyrightHaezl1997 at Brigit's Garden

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