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Translingual Information Detection, Extraction and Summarization
    Dr. Gary Strong


A crisis has erupted in Northern Islandia that is disrupting the economic and political stability of the region. While Northern Islandia has never attracted much attention within the Department of Defense, its proximity to areas of vital interest make its current unrest a cause for concern. Unfortunately, there is no machine translation capability into English for Islic, the native language of the indigenous population, and there are very few individuals available to the Defense community who have any proficiency in the native language. While information available from neighboring sources, in languages for which machine translation is available, is providing a degree of insight into the unfolding situation, the primary sources of information are the impenetrable Islic web pages. Using TIDES technologies, information retrieval systems are adapted within a week to be able to retrieve Islic materials using English queries. Within a month, these systems have also progressed to the point where topics can be tracked, named entities (people, places, organizations, …) can be identified and correlated, and coherent summaries generated. Integrated into the Army’s FALCON-2 (Forward Area Language Conversion - 2) mobile OCR units enables analysts additional access to local printed materials. This rapid adaptation into Islic now enables analysts to track events directly based both on information retrieved from the Web and in situ documents. The situation in Northern Islandia, while still critical, is no longer as vexing. Analysts now can identify the issues at stake and the stakeholders, leading to informed decision options for the Commanders in Chief.
The TIDES applications will:

- Demonstrate the ability to solve real problems of real users on real data

- Use integration techniques that overcome the lossy waterfall model

- Provide technology advances that support measurable end-to-end performance improvements in translingual information access.