Screenshots of reLINE Classics

Lots of thanks to Peter Sandén and The Mage for providing the SID files

Operation Hongkong
Operation Hongkong, one of the first games from Holger Gehrmann und Uwe Grabosch, was a text based graphics adventure and was released 1987 via Golden Games on C-64 and Atari ST.

SID file with title soundtrack
SID player for Win95/98 (400 KB)

Drum Studio
Drum Studio was developed for Golden Games too and simulated a digital drum machine. Released 1988 on Amiga.

In the same year the 3D game Extensor was finished. It had astonishing fast graphics for this time. (Amiga and Atari ST)

Hollywood Poker
Hollywood Poker, the first Amiga game from reLINE, was one of the first games worldwide that supported the astonishing graphic capabilities of this computer. It has been released on numerous other systems too, such as Atari ST, Commodore 64, C-16 and plus/4.

SID file with title soundtrack and ongame songs
SID player for Win95/98 (400 KB)

Space Port
The next one was Space Port where you have to guide a helicopter through two labyrinths and to rescue people. Released 1988 on Amiga and Atari ST.

Amegas was the best Break Out-Clone for years. Guido Bartels created a great Amiga classic in 1989.

MOD file with Amegas soundtrack
MOD file with Crystal Hammer soundtrack
MOD player for Win95/98 (528 KB)

Hollywood Poker PRO
Fans of strip poker games were confirmed: Hollywood Poker PRO offered good artificial intelligence and photo quality pictures. They were even zoomable in real time. Released 1989 on Amiga, Atari ST and C-64.

SID file with title soundtrack
SID player for Win95/98 (400 KB)

Oil Imperium
Some months later reLINE created the "mother of all strategic simulation games", Oil Imperium. You managed an oil company, and you were even able to make Dallas-like intrigues against opponents. (1989 on Amiga, Atari ST, C-64 and PC)

SID file with title soundtrack and ongame songs
SID player for Win95/98 (400 KB)

The first arcade action game was Dyter-07. You had to shoot everything moving, and loaded with extra weapons you could dare the fight against the end monsters. Released 1990 on Amiga, Atari ST and C-64.

Window Wizard A try to make games for kids was a megaflop. Window Willy had to renamed to Window Wizard (well, you know why...) and was the game that shouldn't have ever been released. But it had: 1991 on Amiga and Atari ST.

Legend of Faerghail
Legend of Faerghail was the first role playing game from reLINE and featured graphics, athmosphere and lots of puzzles. Although it was planned to be finished two years earlier (see screen shot), it was released 1991 on Amiga, Atari ST and PC.

The second reLINE role playing game was FATE-Gates of Dawn. Its complex gameplay, athmosphere and captivating story made this mega hit still applying to be a reference product in its genre. Olaf Patzenhauer created this masterpiece that was released end of 1991 on Amiga and Atari ST.
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The imaginative science fiction simulation Centerbase was the last product before reLINE got completely independent. Attractive 3D graphics and tough action sequences, created by artist Andreas Gehrke. (1992 on Amiga) The following products are on our games page.

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