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Now you might wonder: who are we? What do we do? What have we done? And why are we doing this??
Well, this is us.
MetalHead RoboBengt
MetalHead RoboBengt

Who are we then?
Well, currently we are two swedish guys who have a love for Metal, Beer, Computers, Nintendo/Sega/Other fun games, and like to share what we do (in the extreme case that we actually do something useful).
So what do we do?
We translate games to swedish from english (and some other languages coming up soon, like french, but more on that later), and mostly NES games, but also SMS/GB/GG/SNES as we feel like. Which means that we change some of the graphics to fit in the swedish characters "Å", "Ä" and "Ö" and then translate the text found in the game. The translation-patches are available in the download-section. On a side-note, we both play in a band called Pandemonium and I (MetalHead) work part-time as a programmer/web-designer, while RoboBengt is currently studying something computer related. I have also worked for a while with a company called "EyeCom", where I am webdesigner/programmer/graphics artist/hardware guy, depending on the situation, and I program a bit at home when I find the time. I have also written several reviews of games, some of them published at EmuCamp , which I intend to take up again sometime. As you can see, we mostly do stuff that we enjoy, like the MP3:s I have done with Metal-remixes of classic game tunes.
When did we start? What's next?
I started in the first days of August 1999, and RoboBengt joined a few days later. We worked literally day and night for some time, but as autumn came and school/work started, we slowed down noticeably. Now we are slowly getting back on track, and will hopefully have time to release more fun stuff every now and then.
What is wrong with these guys? Why do we do stuff like this? What drives us?
The main reason why we do these translations is that we think it is fun, and it might also be useful... We have so far only started working on games which we love, that have meant something to us and probably many others too. In doing this, we have to play through these games, which is not that bad a thing to do, and we can also give others a reason to pick them up again, even if it was 10 years since you last played it, this is something new, yet familiar. The only drawback is that you need to understand a scandinavian language in order to understand these translations, but you can always try them anyway too see what it looks like... Another reason is that we always enjoy a good challenge with a bit of fun tossed in, and this might also motivate others to do something. You never know. I want to do a japanese translation sometime, but since I know about two words in japanese, and cannot read it, that is just a dream right now.
So what?
Good question.
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