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Sep 18, 1996

RIM and RAM Mobile Data Announce Inter@ctive Pager

San Francisco, CA - At the PCS '96 conference today, RAM Mobile Data [renamed to BellSouth Wireless Data, March 18, 1998] and Research In Motion announced the Inter@ctive Pager for the RAMfirst interactive paging service. The Inter@ctive Pager uses new technologies evolving out of a close cooperation between Intel Corporation and RIM, also announced today.

RIM's Inter@ctive Pager provides easy Internet and intranet connectivity in a small, light weight device that fits in the palm of your hand with full QWERTY- style keyboard and graphical display. Users can now move from one-way to fully two-way interactive paging - they can receive, respond to, and initiate messages from a small easy-to-use communications device.

"Intel and RIM engineers have been working together to optimize the performance of wireless devices for some time and the Inter@ctive Pager is our first product of a family of products to utilize this new technology", said Mike Lazaridis, president of Research In Motion. "The launch of the Inter@ctive Pager on the RAMfirst interactive paging service will greatly enhance personal communications. Users will be always on, always connected."

"The market desires a simple, easy-to-use interactive paging service," said William Lenahan president and CEO of RAM Mobile Data. "The RAMfirst interactive paging service allows the users to receive messages/pages, respond to these messages/pages, initiate customized responses, access databases and send and receive from the internet and intranet, all from a small, easy-to-use communications device – the Inter@ctive Pager.

In the fourth quarter of 1996, RAM will showcase to the press and analysts the RAMfirst interactive paging service, including fully functional, operational demonstrations and announce commercial availability.

Founded in 1984, RIM is the leading international manufacturer of low-power radio modem technology for the N-PCS wireless data industry. RIM supplies two-way pagers, PCMCIA network adapters, OEM radio modems, and software connectivity tools for networks operating throughout the world.

For more information, contact:

Don McMurtry RIM (+1) 519-888-7465 ext. 231  
Jennifer Lyons RAM Mobile Data (+1) 908-602-5169  


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