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1/16/01 5:29PM: December Contest Answers and more Bounties!
The answers of the December 2000 contest are now online, and the top five finishers have been contacted through e-mail. Once they've replied, the random draw will be held, and then all the winners will be announced. Also, a whole bunch of new games have been placed up for a FAQ Bounty, so have at them. On a sad note, there's no way I can get to a contest this month, but February is looking good...
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1/16/01 12:00AM: The Curse of the Hybris...
I am soooo sick and tired of getting these things. Folks, if you've ever gotten an e-mail titled "Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!", that's the Hybris virus. If you've run the executable or screen saver that comes with it, your computer is infected, and it's sending the virus to everyone you know, very slowly. I am now receiving 10-20 of these e-mails a week, and I'm sick of it. Please, if you've seen this e-mail, run a virus scan. Now. Please. Before I go nuts.
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1/14/01 12:10AM: Under 100 e-mails... Woohoo!
Yes, I'm finally taking back my Inbox. Don't worry, it'll only take a few days for it to spiral out of control again. Of course, with all the e-mailing going on, I've fallen behind on submissions, but I should catch up on everything tomorrow, assuming both NFL games are canceled due to inclement weather.
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1/9/01 11:14PM: The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get.
At least now everyone knows exactly why I've fallen so behind. The normally-busy holidays, combined with the time taken by the ''business'' side of this place has thrown me for a loop over the past few weeks. Ever since getting back from Christmas, I've spent a ton of time on the phone, the fax, and the like, trying to get things lined up so the site will survive for a good long while. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I'd like to make a nice official apology for falling so far behind on e-mail and other site enhancements and fixes that are badly needed. Things are slowly falling into place on my end, which will hopefully mean a resuming of normal site activities as well. I hope. See those ''backlog'' counts at the bottom of the page? Let's see how fast I can make 'em fall...
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1/9/01 12:19AM: Some very important annoucements
1) A Fond Farewell As of today, GameFAQs is no longer an affiliate of (a.k.a. Snowball). This is a very amicable split, with absolutely no hard feelings. The last four years as an IGN affiliate have been outstanding, and I personally wish them the very best of luck in the future.
2) Don't panic! GameFAQs is not shutting down. As you may have heard, it's very hard in the online content-publishing world right now, and bringing in a new sponsor may take a little time. No need to panic, the server bills will continue to be paid, and I will continue to work on the site as much as I have recently.
3) Banners for Charity Without an ad sponsor, I've thrown together a simple banner above for the time being. It may be some hours/days/weeks before a new advertiser is lined up and all the contracts signed, so until then, I'd like to make my banner space available to any appropriate non-profit entities. If you or someone you know are associated with a fairly non-threatening (i.e. not overtly political) good cause, send a message along to the standard feedback address.
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1/6/01 12:09AM: So and Slow It Grows...
Nothing much to say here, just thought I'd stick in a message letting everyone know that I'm still alive (although the daily updates should have already reassured everyone of that). The January contest is late, but should be up by Sunday. I'm slogging through the e-mail backlog, currently up to 12/22, the day I left on vacation. With luck, I should finish up before the next Millennium celebration. Wish me luck.
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12/31/00 11:16PM: Happy New Year!
Here's wishing you and yours a Happy New Year. Not much else to say here, so see you next year...
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12/30/00 2:34PM: Not Much Time Left...
As of this message, you've got less than 30 hours to enter the December Contest if you haven't already done so... I'm still working on catching up after my four-day vacation, probably won't get done until sometime next year at this point.
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12/27/00 11:43PM: Catching Up...
Well, I'm just about caught up on new contributions, and I'll start tackling the e-mail backlog tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun. In other news, I finally managed to sit down and spend 5 minutes with the Sonic Adventure 2 demo. It's looking very good. Very good indeed.
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