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Listening to WNEW 102.7 Thursday 3pm-7pm were witnesses to the police illegally ceasing the bus and arresting 15 innocent people. For INFO on the bus listen to
OPIE & ANTHONY on WNEW 102.7.'s Chaunce Hayden wants to know why only one day earlier a similar demonstration during his show was totally ignored by NYPD? Check out his daily broadcast, video clips and photos of the topless ride.

The voyeurbus has been illeagally impounded by the NYPD, the girls, the driver and our producer as well as 11 people associated with the WNEW Thursday live broadcast have been released and almost all charges dismissed in this illegal arrest and seizure.

The arrest was initiated when an order came directly from the mayors office to arrest and detain the bus and its occupants.

This is precisely the kind of GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP we are fighting. Mayor Giuliani tried to force his moral values on the entire city by removing a totaly legal First Amendment demonstration from the streets (and not for the first time according to the aclu). If we stand by and let government officials run our lives the end result will be a total loss of all first amendment rights, with out which we would be unable to run this site and express our opinions, harbor unique religious beliefs or promote government legislation for the betterment of life....<-more->

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Special Thanks to NYPD
The staff of the bus wanted to make clear that we do not hold any particular officer at the NYPD responsible for the events leading to or during the illegal seizure of our bus. Officers have been extremely helpful and even in jail the officers made every effort to comfort the crew despite orders to the contrary. New York City Police Officers have protected the bus, insured our ability to demonstrate within our rights and it was only when they were ordered by the mayors office that they became part of the insanity and extreme injustice. Our objections are with the departmet and not the officers that were only doing their jobs. We wanted to extend a formal thank you to all the officers for their extreme efforts in upholding the law.... whatever that law may be.

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