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ncnca    Best All-around Rider & Best All-around TeamNew
To encourage teamwork and competitiveness, the NCNCA is starting a program to recognize the Best All-around Rider (BAR) and Best All-around Team (BAT) in each designated category. Check here for the complete rules.

ncnca    Licenses
If you didn't get your license last year or haven't renewed yet, NCNCA Racing Licenses are required to compete in NCNCA races. Annual licenses cost $20 for January 1st - December 31st ($5 for Juniors); A License plus the Newsletter for the same period is $32 ($17 for Juniors). One-day licenses will be available at races for $2/day. The License application is available in the NCNCA Newsletter, and at all NCNCA races.

ALL applications above Category 5 MUST include a copy of your previous license or other proof of category. Only Category 5 licenses will be issued without proof of category!

Updated!   NCNCA Rules and Regulations 2001

New Rider mentoring program - Come out to the Early bird races in January and learn to race smart and safe!

How can I get my race flier on the road page?
Promoters are now responsible for creating their own online race announcements using our new Official NCNCA Online Race Flyer Input Form. The form prompts promoters for all standard race information and then emails the information to Ken Hernandez, who will then upload your online race flier within 48 hours. Click here to access the new form.

ncnca    Regulars
Northern California/Nevada Road Events
Road racing calendar, fliers, results and race write ups. As well as a few quotes!
Northern California's Hellyer Velodrome
Track racing and training schedule, results, track happenings and FAQ.
Northern California/Nevada Cyclocross Events
Cyclocross racing calendar, fliers, results and a few really cool photos!
Northern California/Nevada Off-Road Events
Mountain Bike racing calendar, fliers, results!

ncnca    Forms
NCNCA Race Entry/Release form. (03/15/00)
NCNCA Club Membership form.
NCNCA Equipment Loan form.
USCF Race Entry/Release form.

ncnca    Information
NCNCA and NCNCA-results Email List Information
How to subscribe and unsubcribe the the electronic mailing lists. Also, where you can access email list archives on the web.

Contact Information
Phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses of the USCF, NORBA, our rep, Northern California Velodrome Association, and the NCNCA big wigs.

2001 Upgrade Requirements
What you need in order to upgrade and/or change clubs this season.

Looking for a new bike or some new gear? Or looking to sell of some of that unused stuff?

New coaching info.

New Rider Info
Want to start racing but don't know where to start?
New rider mentoring program - Come out to the Early bird races in January and learn to race smart and safe!

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