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Photo Library - Nuclear Test Preparation
Listed in alpha-numeric order are public released photos in the Nevada Operations Office photo archive. Clicking on the photo thumbnails will produce the full 8x10 photograph for downloading and printing. To download any image, read the Image Download Instructions. All of these full size photographs vary in size from 180k to over 600k. Should these photos be used in any manner that requires a credit line, the wording should read: "U.S. Department of Energy photograph".

Individuals wishing to purchase a glossy 8x10 photo should contact LaTomya Glass at the U.S. Department of Energy, Nevada Operations Office, Office of Public Affairs and Information, telephone 702-295-1134.

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CAA-72-4 Line-of-sight pipes are fabricated inside tunnels at Rainier Mesa on DOE's Nevada Test Site. These tapered pipes can be several inches to 27 feet in diameter. Experiments are located in the pipe's test chambers 900 to 2,000 feet from the detonation point. DOE works with the Defense Nuclear Agency in measuring the effects of blast-produced radiation on military hardware.

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N-1086 A nuclear explosive and diagnostic canister for a test named "Handley" is lowered down-hole at Pahute Mesa in the Northwestern corner of the Nevada Test Site. Pahute Mesa is used for higher-yield tests because of its remoteness. The Handley test, with a yield equivalent to more than one million tons of TNT, was conducted March, 1970. A cable chute (at right) prevents crimping and guides the timing, firing and diagnostic cables down-hole.

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NF-1679 Final test preparations include running miles of cable downhole which will transmit vital test information to the diagnostic trailers to the left. A rack containing instrumentation to go down-hole is assembled in the tower to the right. Subsidence craters from earlier underground tests dot the landscape.

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NF-2192 Signal cables are laid out at a test location on Yucca Flat, the principal underground nuclear weapons testing area at NTS. Cranes will lower the cable down-hole with the weapons canister. The cables will relay scientific data to recording trailers at the surface. The tower was used to mount scientific instruments in the instrumentation canister suspended from the crane on the left. The tower will be removed in sections before the detonation. The drilled emplacement hole is beneath the tower.

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