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TimmyBigHands proudly presents the stirring, gripping final chapter in our epic novel of the South, Cry Dry Your Eyes, Sweet Bette. Prepare to be stirred and gripped!

It's Bass! The most spectacular Bass-related extravaganza ever conceived! Learn more in Sports! Now, dammit, NOW!

Bill Corbett tells everybody exactly where they can go, in his bold new Essay.
  New World Monkeys are more than just cute faces and protuberant red butts. Read our hard-hitting Review.
Tired of not seeing three new Cartoonlets that feature some unusual local business people? Check out three new Cartoonlets that feature some unusual local business people�in Cartoonlets!
Ding-dong merrily, and DIE!!! Celebrate the Season with the Holiday Edition of Kill a Guy.
Who's the new President? Phhhht! Who cares? The Syrup Industry wields the real power in this country. You are hereby ordered to view our new Syrup Ads. 
  Want the celebrity skinny? Don't want it from Robin Leach 'cause you're afraid he'll attach himself to your ankle, inject anticoagulants and suck your blood? Then check out The Stars and Their Stuff, in Miscellany.

A frank, helpful dialogue with he of the wise eyes and ample phalanges in a new Inside Timmy.

  It's Fighty! That irascible...iracsable...iraxkebel...that naughty Thompson's gazelle, in the Cliparts' first spinoff!
Bartender, I'll have another sonnet please. Quaff your fill of our new theme Drinking, in Poetry

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