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Norman Smiley


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Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hometown: London, England
Pro Debut: 1985
Signature Maneuver: The Big Wiggle

Let's Wiggle! Norman Smiley was already one of the more interesting competitors in WCW rings, and without a doubt the most unlikely man to ever be Hardcore Champion. Then he teamed up with Ralphus, and added a whole new dimension to his unusual outlook. Screamin' Norman is an unusual presence, which considering the other characters in WCW, says a lot!

Career History
Norman is actually a 15 year veteran of the mat wars, spending most of his career competing in Japan and Mexico, where he was known as "Black Magic" Norman Smiley... Early in his career, traveled with another future WCW star, Vampiro... Invented the "Big Wiggle" victory dance, and like Elvis before him, was cut off at the waist on TV... Developed a penchant for screaming when hit, and would often back away from confrontations, earning the "Screamin' Norman" nickname... Also took to wearing local sports team uniforms to gain crowd support... Became the WCW Hardcore Champion, despite his hatred of pain... When efforts to defeat Terry Funk failed, Norman brought in Ralphus, the toothless, overweight former WCW Road Crew member to help him. That didn't work either, and both ended up fired by Eric Bischoff... Norman and Ralphus searched for ways to make a dollar while trying to get reinstated in WCW... Appeared at Bash At The Beach as the mystery opponents to Big Vito in the Hardcore Championship Match... Eventually won the Hardcore Title back, defeating Carl Oulette on August 14.

Wrestling Style
Despite his penchant for running and hiding, Norman is actually a well schooled competitor, and can easily switch between European, Mexican, Japanese and American styles of combat... Ralphus, on the other hand, has what could be the weakest offense in the history of professional wrestling. His entire arsenal consists of very limp punches and weapon shots, and hiding in the corner... Norman has a devastating swinging slam, and also the Norman Conquest, a devastating variation of the crossface chickenwing that has resulted in many submission victories.

Did You Know?
Norman actually held the CMLL Heavyweight Title in Mexico... Ralphus really was a member of the WCW Road Crew before being thrust into the limelight... Norman insists that his name is pronounced Smil-ee', not Smiley... Ralphus once wore a dress to illustrate a match stipulation, then proceeded to wear the dress for the next several weeks on television!... Norman once hid in the Kiss Demon's casket, and came out dressed like him!

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