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ngLog™ Mod

A QuakeII mod and Reference Implementation
Orange Smoothie Productions

ngLog from NetGames USA
ngWorldStats from NetGames USA


ngLog Mod version 1.4 released June 14th, 1999 and reference implementations for Quake II for the new ngLog guidelines from
NetGames USA

If you are unfamiliar with ngLog and the software and systems from NetGames USA that it enables you are encouraged to visit http://www.NetGamesUSA.com/ for all the details.

ngLog Mod is a server-side Mod for Quake II™ that produces ngLog based logfiles and comes with integrated ngWorldStats functionality. At this point it is mainly an acedemic mod for game developers to use as a reference. If you are looking to play QuakeII with full ngStats and ngWorldStats then use OSP Tourney DM Version 2.0. Thanks.


The Mod and Source Code

Visit NetGames USA at http://www.NetGamesUSA.com/ngLog/ for details about ngLog.

The Programmer:
J. Keimig "Rhea"

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