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「Zog.org」 への歓迎![Zelie]

It's... the Albania for King Zog Committee! Yay! And I have a real photo of the day! Whee! Does this mean I have more time now? And that I will update this site more often? You can bet your bottom dollar it doesn't!

I'll just have to face it: I'll never have the time to keep this site up-to-date.

[ Tada! ]Current events: it's T minus 2 months and 23 days for our second baby. As far as the echographies can show us, everything looks fine: all arms and legs present & accounted for, brains in place, heart pumping away, spine covered with skin, etc. The image on the left is an actual animation of our actual kid actually waving at us!

Update: it's a boy! Suggestions for a name are very welcome.

Random introductory remarks

This is site is under permanent contruction. It is a personal playground for testing out things and temporarily putting stuff on-line.

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