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"Above Average" Mike Sanders

Mike Sanders

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Pro Debut: July 2000
Signature Maneuver: 3.0

Armed with good looks, quick in-ring skills, and a cocky attitude, the self-coined "Above Average" Mike Sanders has emerged as the leader of WCW's young talent, the Natural Born Thrillers.

Career History
Spent time in the army before joining WCW's Power Plant in January 1998... By June of the same year he was in the ring, wrestling for WCW... Three months later, Sanders could be seen on WCW Saturday Night and soon became a regular on the show... When the Vince Russo/Eric Bischoff regime began, he became a member of R&B security and the ring crew... August 8, 2000 marked his wrestling debut on Thunder... Has emerged as the leader of the Natural Born Thrillers, launching his singles career with two victories over Disqo.

>> Superstars: Natural Born Thrillers
>> Shoot: An Above Average Interview (November 14, 2000)

Wrestling Style
Slightly larger in size than a cruiserweight, Sanders can fly like smaller wrestlers but prefers to work the mat. Although he seems laid back, the NBT spokesman has a great deal of focus in the ring, as well as uncanny confidence for a rookie.

Did You Know?
Named Michael Edwin Neil Sanders after first three astronauts to land on the moon: Michael Collins, Edwin Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong... His father runs a towing business... Studied Tagi Jitzu and fought in several point fighting tournaments, winning his division and The Battle of Atlanta... As a blond, Sanders was often compared to Jeff Jarrett... During his earlier days in WCW, he tagged with Alan Funk, AKA Kwee Wee.

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