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James Hannaham reviews Step Into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature, edited by Kevin Powell


Tom Beer on Whose Song? and Other Stories by Thomas Glave

December 2000

Illustration by Stephanie Garcia


The Hit List
The VLS showcases its 25 favorite books of the year.

Sympathy For The Devil
Necrophilia, serial killers, crackpot conspiracy theorists—Apocalypse Culture's second installment continues its obsession with taboo topics, but is there any value in the shock? Mark Dery takes stock of the lunatic fringe.

The Mother Load
In The Quick and the Dead, Joy Williams delves into the hilarious—and entirely unstable—world of three motherless teenage girls. Stacey D'Erasmo explores the trope of loss.

Taster's Choice
This year's coffee-table books are as heavy as ever, but big's the point, since they're meant to be displayed where they can show off the owner's taste. Richard Klein ponders the picture book as seduction prop.

Grand Illusions
The title heroine of Padgett Powell's Mrs. Hollingsworth's Men sits down to write a grocery list, but instead gives us a wild narrative full of sexual fantasies and digressive rants. Ben Marcus finds experimental fiction in the mind of a Southern housewife.

The Mafia Files
In Leonardo Sciascia's mystery novels about the Cosa Nostra, there's crime but no solution, and the quest for truth is an absurd and surreal act. Alex Abramovich revisits two books by the Mafia writer.


Chisun Lee on China Chic by Vivienne Tam

David L. Ulin on The Hunter by Julia Leigh

Karen Cook on Food's Frontier: The Next Green Revolution by Richard Manning

Kristen Case on Glottal Stop by Paul Celan

Kathy Deacon on Race Woman: The Lives of Shirley Graham Du Bois by Gerald Horne



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