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Borland C++Builder 5

What's New
Discover the new features in C++Builder 5

Under the Hood: Borland C++ Compiler
Free Compiler

Free Companion Tools CD
Save hours of searching for that cool tool or component.

Free HotMetal Pro 5.0
Create great Web sites with the ease of use you want, the power you need, and the control you demand

Free JBuilder
Get the most comprehensive set of award-winning, visual development tools for creating Pure Java applications

Free Delphi
Experience the fastest, most productive tool to build any Windows application

C++Builder 5
A major new version of the award-winning ANSI C++ rapid application development tool for building Windows and Internet applications

C++Builder 5 Update
The C++Builder 5 Update is now available to download.

Latest Developments

Take a Stand Against Software Piracy!
Join Borland in the fight against software piracy. Borland is committed to providing you with the highest quality, most innovative software on the market, at the most affordable price possible. With your help, we can continue to fight software piracy, promote legal software and maintain software integrity. If you suspect that software is being used illegally - report it! Take a stand against software piracy and protect your interests.

Take a look at the new Kylix information page
This page contains information to keep you up-to-date and informed about the Kylix Project. Kylix is the only Linux development tool that combines the Rapid Application Development (RAD) benefits of visual component-based design with the power of an optimizing native code compiler and scalable database access.

An Open Letter to the Delphi and C++Builder Community
Thank you for your support and for helping us to build the strong community around Delphi and C++Builder. This open letter is to update you on the progress we have made and our future plans.

Show us how you use the VCL
Run the VCL Scanner utility on your applications and learn which classes you use the most. Then take a few extra seconds to let us know as well. You'll be helping our R&D team to take the VCL further as well as to design the next generation component library.

Free Turbo Debugger Now Available for Free Borland C++ 5.5 Compiler

C++Builder Developer's Journal Featured Article -
Form Designer Tips

Borland Announces Availability of VisiBroker for C++ 4.0

Turbo Power Announces Internet Professional for C++Builder 5

ClassExplorer Pro from toolsfactory Now Available Free for C++Builder 5

Winners of the C++Builder 5 Giveaway Announced!

Borland Announces Availability Of Borland C++Builder 5

CodeSite Available for C++Builder 5

C++Builder 5 Version of ImageLib Corporate Suite Now Available

Borland C++Builder Community The latest C++Builder articles, FAQs and TIs

QTime Automated Testing and Performance Analysis Adds Support for C++Builder 5

Raize Software Releases Raize Components 2.51
New version includes C++Builder 5 support plus many enhancements.

Borland Launches Free Borland C++ Compiler

eWeek: C++Builder 5 a Satisfying Upgrade

InfoWorld: Borland to tie Web and C++ development

Announcing from Informant
CBuilderZine is an online journal devoted to C++Builder! Want to share code, techniques, Success Stories with C++Builder...Get published, write an article, case study, or Tips and Techniques in the CBuilderZine.
Send your ideas directly to Lori Ash at Informant.

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