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Introducing the Titanium PowerBook G4.
Tech SpecsG4 ProcessorGraphics AccelerationDesktop MoviesDesignWireless Internet
Just 1 inch thick and weighing a mere 5.3 pounds, the PowerBook G4 is a heavyweight in an ultralight body-the world’s first notebook computer made of 99.5% pure grade CP1 (meaning commercially pure) titanium.
It’s a paradigm shift with profound implications for mobile professionals: the first supercomputer you can actually take with you on an airplane. Apart from being able to watch DVD movies on a stunning 15.2-inch (measured diagonally) widescreen format display with 1152x768-pixel resolution in millions of colors, just imagine being able to carry around the kind of horsepower you’ve previously associated only with systems like the Power Mac G4. That’s exactly the advantage you get with the PowerBook G4.

G4 Processor At the core of this new system is the PowerPC G4 processor with Velocity Engine. With speeds of up to 500MHz, the PowerBook G4 packs a tremendous punch, crunching through digital video and rendering huge Photoshop files faster than ever before. And the 100MHz system bus — the pipeline between memory and processor — and the 1MB of backside level 2 cache with speeds of up to 250MHz make significant performance-enhancing contributions as well.
The result? The PowerBook G4 outguns Pentium III-based notebooks by up to 30 percent.* And with industry-leading battery life of up to 5 hours between charges, you can keep outshooting your PC counterparts long after their batteries give up the fight.
PowerBook G4
Just 1 inch thick, yet it comes with a slot-loading DVD drive.
But unlike PC notebooks that either shed features or compromise performance (or both) to achieve modest weight reductions, the PowerBook G4 is a robust, full-featured system with everything you need to do your best work on the move: up to 30 gigabytes of hard disk space, room for up to 1 gigabyte of RAM, and a slot-loading DVD-ROM drive. Plus ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics, FireWire, USB, PC Card slot, VGA output and S-Video output, a built-in microphone and stereo sound output. All that’s missing, in fact, is the excess weight.
PowerBook G4 Screen Size Get the big picture
With its 15.2-inch mega-widescreen format and 1152x768-pixel resolution, this display is perfect for laying out your video or graphics projects, tools and palettes simultaneously, or for keeping multiple applications open while you work. It’s plenty wide enough to allow side-by-side browser windows, and is just the ticket for wide-format DVD movies. And you can make movies of your own with the included iMovie software, or get Apple’s Final Cut Pro for more advanced video editing, compositing and special effects. Want to present your ideas on a VGA monitor, large-screen TV or projection system? The PowerBook G4 has built-in video output capabilities that let you do just that.
DVD Video An entertainment system to go
Why watch movies anywhere else? The PowerBook G4 comes with a slot-loading DVD-ROM drive for playback of DVD-Video and DVD-ROM discs. Naturally, it plays your music CDs as well.
iTunesDigital music maven
You ought to hear how the new PowerBook G4 performs with Apple iTunes software. Use Apple iTunes to import and manage your entire digital music collection — and use your PowerBook G4 to listen to your favorite hits.
Networking on the go
The PowerBook G4 features built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet for quick access to a corporate network, DSL modem or cable modem. Use the built-in 56K V.90 modem for dialup connectivity on the road. You even have 4Mbps IrDA infrared technology for swapping files with colleagues. No cables or floppy disks required.
Give yourself the freedom to roam wirelessly half a football field away, with the optional AirPort Card and AirPort Base Station. Taking advantage of the built-in AirPort antenna, you can take your PowerBook from room to room — sending and receiving email, transfering files and surfing the web — without having your movements restricted by the length of a phone cord.**
* Based on Adobe Photoshop tests comparing a 500MHz PowerBook G4 to 850MHz Pentium III-based portable computers.
** Wireless Internet access requires AirPort Card, AirPort Base Station, and Internet access (fees may apply). Some ISPs are not currently compatible with AirPort, including America Online. Range may vary with site conditions.
How Good Does It Look?
“If looks could kill, the new PowerBook G4 would make Apple the nation’s leading defense contractor.”
— Detroit News
The PowerBook Theater
“At 5.3 pounds, this PowerBook isn’t a stripped-down, ultraportable typing machine by a long shot; it’s more a sports car than a subcompact,” writes David Pogue in the New York Times. “Forget about Panasonic’s personal DVD players; this laptop is a personal Imax theater.”
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PowerBook G4 Commercial
See the TV Commercial.
PowerBook G4 Video
Learn more about the PowerBook G4 in this 5 Minute Video.

See a QuickTime VR movie.
5 hours of power. Still going
A 50-watt-hour lithium-ion battery with integrated charge indicator LEDs provides up to 5 hours of battery life.
PowerBook G4
News flash
The Type II PC Card/CardBus slot comes in handy when you want to download images from your digital camera.
Titanium Titanium
The PowerBook G4 is encased in titanium, the exceptionally strong — and exceptionally light — metal used to manufacture supersonic aircraft engines. The dimensions are dramatically different as well: just 13.4x9.5x1 inches.

Transfer data at 400Mbps
FireWire (IEEE 1394) is one of the fastest peripheral standards ever developed. FireWire is a key technology for digital video professionals, and FireWire devices can be daisy-chained together to link as many as 63 devices simultaneously. The new PowerBook comes with a 400Mbps FireWire port, so you can connect to and transfer files back and forth at phenomenal data rates. Plus it’s hot-pluggable, so you don’t have to turn off or restart your PowerBook when you attach or remove a peripheral.

Connect up to 127 devices
The new PowerBook comes with two USB ports. USB is another hot-pluggable technology with a very Apple-like blend of functionality and plug-and-play ease of use. You can daisy-chain up to 127 USB devices by attaching peripherals through interconnected external hubs. And the number of USB peripherals you can connect to your PowerBook is simply mind-boggling: printers, scanners, digital cameras, graphics tablets, Zip drives, hard disk drives, magneto optical drives, CD-RW drives, joysticks, game controllers, keyboards, mice — and, of course, your Palm OS-based handheld device.
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