Will you follow us into D'ni?

    The Expeditions to D’ni is comprised a little known band of researchers who decided to pool their talents one day and search out the lost home of this ancient civilization. With the combined talents and minds of the group members, and a large amount of luck, we were able to locate this empire’s once great home. What was even more astonishing was our discovery of the lost mansion. Following sketchy rumors and loosely translated text from a very early D’ni script we located a lone island, shrouded in the mists of time, lost for over twenty thousand years. This astonishing find is now being brought to you as we decipher exactly what we have found.

    Our visit to the city was limited because of the sheer size of the city and the fact it took us nearly twice as long to find an entrance to it as we had first anticipated.  We brought back with us very little, leaving nearly all that we saw just as it was before we arrived.  Although we did enter the massive libraries of both the city and the lost mansion we brought back with us only 2 books.  The first a book on D'ni grammar and the variants of the language, which we will use to further our translation efforts.  The second is the only known copy of a large book collection of ancient D'ni legends, stories, and some in depth history.  There are many volumes in this book each, bound individually but always kept next to each other, at least they were until they were tragically misplaced millennia ago.  Currently we have only the first volume of this set, and we still have no clues as to how many volumes there may be, the other's are out there...lost among the mists of time.

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Site News:

    February 8th- An error was found and corrected in the Expeditioners' Logs Page: D'ni Time section. The updated Flash section can be seen there. The D'ni Font page has been updated with a Technical Info and Comments Page, check it out!

    February 6th-  An error was found and corrected in the D'ni Stone Tablet Image. New links have been added.

    February 3rd-  The Expeditions to D'ni is released over the Internet to the public.  Still in a very rough form it offers visitors a glimpse into the Expeditions. Special thanks goes out to a large number of people for making this site possible. Those names that stand out are Cathleen "Alyena", Erin "Lir'rah", Ross "Sne'vir", Sarah "Erithan", Harrison "Jeserac" and a sepcial thanks to the two Cyan Employees, Mr. Richard A. Watson and Mr. Chris Brandkamp. Cheers to you all and enjoy the Expeditions to D'ni!

     January 23rd-  The Expeditions to D'ni is announced to the Riven Lysts.

     January 22nd-  The D'ni HitCounter is finally finished!  The ASP coded counter could not have been completed without the programming genius of Jared Boelens.  A special thanks goes out to Jared for all the help he has given me with the counters creation.

Coming Soon:

     The Expeditions to D'ni Shockwave Flash Game and (depending on the response to the Expeditions to D'ni game) The Search for the Lost Mansion Shockwave Flash Game

     The Lost Mansion Library [Possibly]

     Tech Page, The Expeditions Team Page, and Photos (Renderings) Page [Possibly]

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