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Bacstage Assault


Nitro: All Friendships Aside

By Bill Johnson

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Six days away from WCW Sin, Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett -- planning to work together against the mystery opponent -- thought they had everything under control. When Ric Flair got wind of their intentions, however, he not only added the original madman to the match, but also booked Big Poppa in a title match for later on Nitro -- against The Chosen One.

Interview: Ric Flair
Flair headed to the ring surrounded by WCW security. Flair pumped up the Minnesota crowd, before turning his attention to commissioner Mike Sanders. The CEO told the world Sanders would face The Cat at WCW Sin Sunday, with the winner walking out the undisputed commissioner of WCW. When the Nature Boy spoke of Jeff Jarrett, The Chosen One made his way out to the stage, claiming his spot in the PPV main event was still intact. Flair said there wasn't going to be a three-way dance at WCW Sin, an announcement that prompted the champion himself, Big Poppa Pump, to come out. Ric added Sid to the title match at WCW Sin, and showed footage from previous weeks, trying to drive a wedge between Steiner and Jarrett. The Nature Boy ended the interview by booking Scott in a title match against Jarrett for later on Nitro.

Backstage, Goldberg and Sarge arrived at the building, destroying the sign-in table, and demanding to know KroniK's whereabouts.

Backstage, Mike Sanders spoke with his new hired guns, The Harris Boys, who were wearing their dress clothes and were ready to take care of The Cat in their first assignment.

Backstage, The Franchise Shane Douglas stopped Flair, asking where his spot was in the title match. Ric booked The Franchise against Sid Vicious for later in the show, telling him he could have the spot at WCW Sin if he defeated Vicious.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Shannon Moore
Sugar Shane Helms joined the announcers at ringside as Chavo took the ring mic and talked smack about his WCW Sin opponent. Guerrero told Shane he was going to put the title on the line against Shannon Moore. Moore hit the ring and tore into the champion, catching Chavo off guard while he was distracted by Helms. Chavo turned things around, tying Moore up in a submission attempt on the mat. Shannon came back and set for the sleeper slam, but Guerrero countered and worked his opponent into position for the Brainbuster win. After the bell, Helms and Guerrero brawled briefly before Sugar sent the cruiserweight champion over the top rope to the floor.

Backstage, Mike Sanders attacked Kwee-Wee, before Big Vito made the save.

Backstage, Ric Flair was shown talking with Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell.

Heavy D with Big Ron Harris d. The Cat with Ms. Jones
The Cat got mouthy with Big Ron and Heavy D, but The Harris Boys started off the match with a beat down. On the outside, Don slammed Miller into the guardrail, as Ron distracted the referee. As the ref pulled Miller back into the corner, the twins switched places, leading to an H-Bomb and a win over the former commissioner.

Mean Gene Interview: The Cat with Ms. Jones
As Gene insinuated Mike Sanders was getting the best of The Cat, Miller broke out in a dance, claiming he was ready to take back his commissioner's job at the PPV.

Backstage, General Rection asked Sid to save a piece of The Franchise for him at the PPV.

Backstage, Steiner and Jarrett argued about their situation later in the show.

Mean Gene Interview: Natural Born Thrillers
Sanders complained about being jumped by Kwee-Wee and Big Vito earlier. He booked a Minnesota Massacre Match, with the two taking on "randomly selected opponents," as the Thrillers laughed in the background.

Backstage, Luger and Bagwell told KroniK they suggested Ric Flair book Adams and Clark against Goldberg and Sarge in a tag team match. When Adams and Clark asked for cash, Lex and Buff said they weren't paying because it was a WCW sanctioned match.

Billy Kidman with The Filthy Animals d. Lance Storm with Team Canada
Storm got on the mic and challenged The Filthy Animals to a Penalty Box Match. Billy went right after Storm, but the Canadian former champion took control, as he applied an abdominal stretch on his opponent. The two exchanged highflying moves and counters, before Lance dropped Billy with a superkick under the chin, barely escaping a pin attempt. Soon, Team Canada and The Animals were brawling at ringside, as Kidman delivered the Kid Krusher for the win.

>> IN NITRO'S SECOND EXCITING HOUR: The Franchise goes toe to toe with Sid, Goldberg and Sarge get some KroniK, The InSiders inflict a Minnesota Massacre and Big Poppa Pump learns who his friends are.


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