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Friday, October 13

THOUGHT: Imagine a digital camera running Windows CE. Imagine snapping pictures and having them automatically emailed to you via a Bluetooth chip on the camera that talks to your cell phone on your hip. Storage becomes a thing of the past - the CF card in the camera is more of a buffer for your cell phone than anything else. Or imagine having a built-in FTP program that would automatically push your images up to a web site as you're shooting them - real-time photography and events coverage could usher in a new era of photo journalism. Raw, unedited, up to the second coverage. Imagine having Pocket Artist on your camera - you could crop, edit, and tweak your images before uploading/emailing them. The possibilities are so endless here - if anyone has any upper-management contacts with Kodak, Olymus, Nikon, or any other major digital camera OEM, tell them I want to speak to them. :-)
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Thursday, October 12

SITE: Neil is the Skin King - Neil is one of the most talented skin & UI designers in the Pocket PC community right now. You owe it to yourself to check out his incredible stuff! He does Gigabar skins, Today screen images, and Dashboard skins. There are lof of different themes, although the bulk of them are focused on the sci-fi realm. His stuff rocks - I personally use his Dashboard Matrix skin, and it's just incredible. Go man go!
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PROGRAM: Image Viewer that works with TIFF's! - Larry, you're the man! People have been asking for TIFF viewer since the Pocket PC launched. Check out his Pocket View application (currently in beta). Once it's out of beta, I'll probably review it on Watch for it!
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PROGRAM: Format Flash Card - This is a much-needed app that allows users to format their removable storage cards on the Pocket PC without needing a desktop or laptop computer. Very cool stuff! $6.95 is also ultra-cheap. I have a review coming on very soon...
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Welcome to Pocket PC Thoughts! This site is driven by Blogger, a really innovative way of doing what's called a "web log". A web log is similar to a journal - thoughts, discoveries, new information. The goal of this particular web log is to serve as a focal point for all my thoughts on the Pocket PC. If I find a cool new program, you'll hear about it here. If I discover a workaround for a flaw in the Pocket PC OS, you'll read it here. When I write new articles or columns that I want to draw your attention to, I'll mention it here. When I find a news article that I think others should read, the link will be posted here. This will also serve as a collection point for things that I can't put on - things like registry hacks and my more, ah, aggressive opinions about certain things. My goal is to update this site at least once a day, sometimes more.

Everything here is my opinion, and does not reflect my role as Contributing Editor or Microsoft MVP in any way. That said, I'm not planning on going overboard too much in this forum. I'm also not going to go back and edit things I've written, so if I was wrong about something, it will stay there forever. 'aint technology grand? I'll also be using a taxonomy of sorts - each Blog will be prefaced by an all-caps indicator of what it is. PROGRAM, THOUGHT, NEWS, SITE, etc. I imagine this taxonomy will evolve over time.

I'll probably set up some sort of notification system in the future, but in the meantime, why not create a Mobile Favorite of this page? Set it to update every morning and you'll always have the latest content on here. If it the Mobile Favorite does't break that is. :-)

And if there are issues you'd like to have me address and talk about, or disagree with something I've said let me know. Please note that this email address isn't for questions about Pocket PC's - I'd prefer if you went to the Pocket PC Community Forums for that. Thanks!
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