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Put FREE headlines on your site - in any topic!

  • You define the news. From Ping Pong to Pinot Noir, the Dodgers to Drew Barrymore, Moreover gives you the absolute power to create a unique news topic for your site - or choose from hundreds of expertly edited pre-set categories.

  • Always fresh. New headlines update automatically on your site - effortlessly, all the time.

  • 1800 sources. Get the most comprehensive free news available on the web, with headlines from more sources than any other service.

    One piece of code is all it takes! Our 5 minute webfeed wizard builds the code that puts headlines on your site. Click here to begin building your webfeed with the wizard or continue reading to find out how the wizard works.

    Building webfeeds with the wizard

    Step 1a. Define the news.

    The first thing you'll do is decide what kind of news you want. Either choose a preselected category from the menu, or if you don't find what you're looking for, just enter a keyword or two that you'd like to focus your news on and click "Preview".
    Keyword examples: Britney Spears, Napster, DVD, museums, etc.

    Step 1b. Layout and Design.

    Click on the "Change Layout" button at the bottom of the wizard. "Change Layout" allows you to shape the look and feel of the webfeed. Use the drop down menus to find your choice of font type, size, color and background options.

    Step 2. Preview the results.


    Here's a preview of what you've just created. If you like it, you're ready to put the news on your site by clicking "Proceed".

    If you want to change your colors or fonts:

    · Just go back by clicking "Change content or layout" and select new options from the pulldown menus.

    If you want to change your content:

    · Just go back by clicking "Change ontent or layout" and either select a new category OR enter a new keyword. Hint: If you get no results from a keyword try fewer words, different phrasing, or check your spelling.

    Step 3. The code is ready!

    Just enter your email address and we'll send your webfeed code right over. Then, just paste your code into your website, sit back, and let the headlines roll in!

    Want to try it out? Click here to begin building your webfeed with the wizard.

    Customizing your webfeed

    Once you've created your webfeed using the wizard, you can customize your webfeed (see Creating a Custom Feed in our Developers section for more information).

    Why use News from Moreover?

    More visitors. Comprehensive coverage in your chosen category helps establish your reputation or put your site on the map.

    The right visitors. Your uniquely-focused collection of content targets exactly the kind of traffic you want on your site.

    A loyal audience. The most up-to-the-minute news service on the web gives your audience a reason to come back frequently to check for updates.

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