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24th January 2001

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Wednesday 10th January 2001 1907 GMT
What do you think of the Saints' strip?

Some time ago Southampton FC gave fans the choice to choose the next strip for the club.

The campaign is in the final stages, but hasn't been helped by rival fans of other local clubs logging on to vote for their least favourite. It's a mischievous attempt to force Southampton to wear the strip the club's fans don't like.

Which do you think is best? The results, and some of the comments, have been posted below. We're taking no more votes now, but you're more than welcome to e-mail us with your thoughts on the strip.

Full time results

Results graph
Shirt 1
Shirt 2
Shirt 3
Shirt 4
Shirt 5

Not made up your mind yet? See the shirts again. Click here

Beverley Ring says "If it's not too late I vote for strip 1. Only a Pompey fan would vote for 4."

Bill Bigwood says "Shirts 2 and 4 (non-stripes remind me of the terrible V-shirt used a few seasons ago. It was so bad I couldn't force myself to buy it! Although I like the larger collar of 3, I think the little black collar "V" of 1 sets the stripes off quite nicely!"

Tim Smith, from Swansea, used to live in Fareham, was rung by his Dad, who told him to vote, been a life long supporter says "I would like the new Monaco design. It makes a change from the old strip."

Helen Jellett says "After much discussion around the tea table, the consensus of opinion in the Jellett household was Strip 1! Although we live in Poole, we take an interest in all our local clubs and Speedway!"

Jack Bale (5) says "I like strip 4 the best of all."

Theo Walcott says "I play for Southampton Academy under 12's. My favourite shirt is No.1"

Gregory Probert says "I'm Gregory and I'm 6 years old.  my favourite shirt is...Strip 1."

Tom Probert says "I would like to vote for Strip 5"

Pieboy says "I like strip 3 because I dislike the jaunty sash of strip 4 and the chequered strip 2. I feel that Saints should have stripes to keep with tradition and I think that the white collar sets this strip off beautifully."

Dave Ross says "My family and I have had a discussion about the new strips and think strip one wins hands down."

Brian Earl says "I vote for Strip 1 - it's the most traditional and it's the one I would prefer to wear. Strip 2 looks like the Blackburn kit (with different colours obviously), and I just wouldn't be seen dead in Strip 4 (and nor would most of the players, I should think!)"

Emma Stares says "I go for strip 4. It brought good fortune to Glen Hoddle at Monaco so why won't it bring Southampton Football Club good fortune? That is definitely what Pompey needs right now!!"

John More says "I'm a true fan and believe the Monaco (Strip 4) strip is really nice!"

Kate Mayo says "I vote for strip 3 because I believe that Southampton's home strip can only be red and white stripes. I prefer this strip to the other striped shirts because of the collar, it is much more traditional and I think it looks smarter than the others." 

A F and L Cotton say "We think Strip No. 1 is best. We also think that it should only be those supporters who actually go to matches who should be allowed to vote for the choice of strip. This could be done at the entry gates on match days."

Mark Wellman says "Shirt no.1 is by far the best as it has tradition (red and white stripes) combined with modern fashion."

Brian Carlin says "I prefer strip number 1, though as far as I am concerned results are more important than what strip you wear."

Clive Fosbury says "I prefer the traditional look of strip No.1, it's bad enough that the Dell is coming to an end. Let's not be stupid and change everything or there will be no link with the past at all."

Peter Walbridge (13) says "I think strip 4 is the best kit for Saints as it keeps the same colours but has a new style for a new ground."

David Tharby says "This is another cynical and transparent ruse to rip off the young and gullible in the name of football. Saints have played in red and white stripes and black shorts for as long as anyone can remember. Why change the tradition of lifetimes.? A disgrace that the longest suffering, patient, most loyal and under rewarded fans in the UK should be subjected to this type of money grubbing. But then this is football on the south coast."

Mansoor Choudhury says "No 2, because it's slightly different but still red and white, also connected with the St Mary's original team Manny Saints Zulus."

Alison Rumble says "Go for the squares. A change of design may bring a change in fortunes."

Barry Hine says "Southampton are the pride of the south and with this strip they would look the best. Unlike Pompey who are the weakest link........goodbye."

John B says "Why do they want to change the current one other than to get more money out of the punters like Man Utd. I think the existing one is far better than any of these."

Si Evans says "STRIP 2!!!!!!!!!!!! All the rest are insulting, bad. Except for strip 4. Which is ok I guess. Well I mean it's alright. Actually it's quite good. But choose strip 2 anyway."

Ted Bell says "All 5 choices are pretty poor, but I prefer stripes. However these stripes makes you think that we have been given a set of second hand Sunderland shirts. The stripes should be wider and more like the current Saints strip. Any shirt should have a collar to allow freedom of expression to players like Jo Tessem who prefer to play with their collar up."

Peter Smith says "Strip 5 is favourite. 2 and 4 look like amateur team strips."

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