The First EVER eXtreme Croquet game

eXtreme Croquet was invented by a group of guys who live in Friendswood, TX. We all go to the First Baptist Church there, and one weekend in 1995 while on a retreat in the East Texas forest, we invented the game that we have all come to know and love.

We created one course out behind the cabins. It included high grass, trees, bushes, a ditch, and one pretty difficult area that was sandy and full of holes (each hole just big enough for a croquet ball to sit down a little less than half way). Looking back to our humble beginnings, this was not a particularly challenging course. It was just totally different from any croquet we had played before (yes, we played a little croquet before all this eXtreme madness came upon us). As it turned out, the most eXtreme part of the event happened a few days after the event. The ditch that was there was thigh high with thick grass. This made it an excellent place to try to hit your opponents ball into (see Rules). Each of us at one point got plastered into the weeds in the ditch. Little did we know that those woods were infested with CHIGGERS! All of us came home with at least twenty parasitic pets living in every crack, crevasse, and orifice they could wiggle their way in to (that's gross, I know it....but that's the way it was).The 1995 Frankie Carter Randolph gang

After we got home we began discussing making up some official rules for our new game. As the discussions progressed, it became apparent that this was something that we were going to do on a regular basis. Chief get an extra shot at a tough wicket - 1995 FCR InvitationalThus the eXtreme Croquet Society was born! Our inaugural event was the Frankie Carter Randolph Invitational in which all four of the original charter members participated. Also present was Ed Sherrill our Honorary President and Equipment Manager along with several ECS groupies (just two really: my then fiancee, now wife and her good friend). We began several traditions and added several amendments to our playing rules and are now known as the eXtreme Croquet Society, Friendswood Chapter.

We have since added another charter member to the fold and have several pledges who are working toward becoming members. Steve Taylor has been named an Honorary Charter Member due to his general silliness which contributed to us believing that he would probably love eXtreme Croquet and all that we stand for.

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