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The emerging generation of peptide, protein and DNA-based drugs will need innovative delivery systems to achieve maximum performance. Delivery via the lung is fast becoming the favoured route for administration of biopharmaceuticals.

Using our considerable expertise in inhalation science, AEA Technology is working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop effective formulations for delivery via the lung. We provide rapid formulation and delivery system testing.

Our capabilities include:

  • Flow-path modelling to optimise particle transfer from delivery device to lung
  • Particle and aerosol production, characterisation and sizing
  • Radiolabelling for pharmacokinetic studies
  • Fully validated bioaerosol samplers and environmentally controlled test chambers
  • Inhalation chambers for animal exposures, pathology, histology and analytical facilities
  • Facilities for human volunteer studies
  • Pharmacogenomics for CYP450s, and other drug metabolising enzymes.*

*In conjunction with Cambridge Molecular Technologies

AEA Technology is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for aerosol science, inhalation research and toxicology.

Our collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies include:

  • Formulation to preserve activity of gene therapy vectors
  • Pharmacokinetics of peptides delivered via the lung
  • Optimised labelling of therapeutic antibodies
  • Inhaler design
  • Inhaler testing for in vitro bioequivalence studies (simple, respirable cut-offs or multi-stage impactors)
  • Molecular toxicology of substances administered to the respiratory tract at sub-threshold levels.

Working to ISO 9001, or GLP where appropriate, our staff have demonstrable experience in successful project completion for the pharmaceutical industry with absolute confidentiality.

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