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Media Jammers in da house!

Security at CBS was "tight" (by CBS's laughable standards) Friday night for the finale. Security guards patrolled the perimeter on foot, bicycles and golf carts. They also dispatched a drowsy rent-a-cop to the condos across the river. We're not sure if he ever woke up.

Paranoid production staff members were on the lookout for interlopers.

Do ya think that stopped us?

It's a long (but fun!) story and will be posted in 3 parts over the next few days.


Part I - The Studio Audience

Part II - The final exit and Media Jammers in da house!

It's about damn time!:

Part III - Fun with Megaphones

Well the Big Brother nightmare is over.

First we'd like to wish each of the contestants and their families the best of luck in the future. We hope that despite your participation in a show that will go down as one of the worst disasters in television history, the reputation will not extend to each of you individually as you set out to achieve your goals, whatever they might be. We would welcome the chance to have you share your thoughts with us on your participation, and our and other individuals efforts to influence your experience. We have answers to a lot of questions you may still have. And you definitely have answers to a lot of questions that remain important to us. There is plenty of contact information on this page. We'd love to talk to you.

The nightmare may be over, but that doesn't mean that Media Jammers is folding up shop. We're tying up some loose ends with regard to Big Brother, and we're anxiously awaiting the filing of the first lawsuit. Trust us. It will happen shortly. We have a few tricks left in our bag and we are close to answering a few remaining questions about issues like consumer fraud, and breaches of professional ethics. Lucky for us, the press has run with a barrage of critical post-mortems trashing the show from an entertainment standpoint. We hope they will now take a deeper look into the more serious issues and move the headlines from the entertainment pages to the hard news pages.

Big Brother gave us an easy target to hit the ground running with the entire Media Jammers concept. Our goal will continue to be to mock the media and expose irresponsible, exploitive and damaging ways the media interfere with people's lives. There is a wealth of targets out there. If we learned anything from our first project, it is that one can never underestimate the stupidity of boneheaded media dweebs. In this case, the fact is that the Big Brother braintrust did most of our work for us. There is no way we could have embarrassed them on the level that they embarrassed themselves. We're just glad that we helped.

We'd like to thank everybody that supported us and joined us in our efforts to shed light on just how bad this television show really was. We even appreciate the criticism. It went beyond bad television, in our opinion. If you've surfed around the site, you know that we have serious concerns about the way this production was handled, and the negative way it impacted several contestants' lives and those of their families and friends. On the lighter side, we had the opportunity to portray CBS and Endemol Entertainment as the shallow witted, incompetent entertainment industry simpletons that they are.

We're proud to say that despite CBS's efforts to deny our existence, every one of our operations was successful except for one. We regret that particular failure, but we feel pretty good about our record. We finished the season 10-1. Not bad. If you're wondering, the failed project was one in which we tried to get the contestants in the house to plug our web site. Unfortunately, our one attempt failed. We ran out of time. It would have been the icing on the cake seeing those plugs on the internet feeds considering the network and the production company hate us more than any other entity involved in interfering with the show.

We were laughed at the first few times we claimed that we had taken over the control and direction of the show. But people stopped laughing about the same time we lost that control to other groups that took our ball and ran with it, creating complete anarchy by way of airplane banners, megaphones and other miscellaneous tactics. We don't personally condone every attempt and every agenda, but we're amazed at the phenomenon that the fans, haters and critics created through interacting with and influencing the actions of the contestants, the producers and the network. CBS's idea of "interactive" was charging a dollar per banishment vote. We all ended up creating our own interactive options, and we took control. That is an astounding precedent in entertainment history.

It was a long strange trip. We never guessed we would have ended up where we have, considering it all started with one crazy little stunt that cost us 300 bucks. Our original goal failed. Nobody walked. But we're glad that we had the chance to expose the network and the producers for the disingenuous frauds that they are, and could shed some light on their irresponsible and exploitive shenanigans.

Unfortunately (depending how ya look at it), there appears to be another season of Big Brother coming to our idiot boxes. We're glad to see that at least in the aftermath, CBS and Executive Pinhead Paul Romer acknowledge that there must be big changes to make the show successful. We just hope they are the right changes. Of course we doubt they are smart enough to recognize what "the right changes" might be. They have a long track record of reacting exactly the wrong way. And they still do not understand that a flimsy perimeter of minimum wage rent-a-cops does not equate to "tight" security.

It's amazing what one can get away with by blending in with the locals, dropping a few fictitious names, and more or less bullshitting one's way through each checkpoint. Why even have a list of names when a little bullshitting got me right into the studio? Special thanks for hiring "Temps on Time" of Los Angeles. If you hadn't hired them to fill out the outside crowd, I would have never blended in and broken away to sneak over to Studio 19. The only other group you bused in was made up mostly of Asian female high school students. I'm pretty good at blending in with crowds, but I don't think I could have pulled that one off. The metal detectors were a smart move though. Some of those temps were pretty surly looking. And the temp I cut in front of to get through the turnstile reeked of liquor and...well...let's just leave it at "other miscellaneous unsavory odors".

We hope CBS appreciates that in my infiltration of the finale, I only left them with egg on their face, when I easily could have disrupted the live broadcast at any given time. Their fate was truly in my hands Friday night, and I let them off easy. I'll probably be criticized for that. But for me, the chance I had to introduce myself to some of the houseguests, explain to them why we did what we did, listen to their thoughts, and of course, have an actual Big Brother production staffer cheerfully snap my picture as I sat on the "love bed" were more of a payoff to me than any chance I had to create a big meaningless spectacle. During the live studio segment I could have easily jumped naked onto the set with "Media Jammers" painted across my ass. But I didn't. You're welcome Paul (By the way Paul, I enjoyed our brief conversation Friday night. It was a pleasure shaking your hand and congratulating you on the great job you did).

As for the others we mocked mercilessly...well...we don't much care if Dr. Drew, AOL chat twinkie Regina Lewis, the guy who called Ms. Megaphone a bitch, top CBS rent-a-cop Mike Skinner, Dr. Del Rio and the entire braintrust involved in this disaster twist in the wind. You have absolutely nothing to be proud of...nothing at all.

One exception...A personal note to disgraced former journalist Julie Chen: Thanks for the picture. I mean that sincerely. All of us at Media Jammers hope that you outlive your current reputation. Best of luck in the future.


written by Jeff Oswald


Call us Paul (or Douglas, or anybody from CBS)! We'll talk to you. Honest!  

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