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Easy Street's Family of Amurian Leopard Cats


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Female Amurian Leopard Cat

Date of Birth: 2/90 

Shalimar (which means: my great love) arrived here in 1995 from a broker who had received her from a zoo in Germany that had given up on the their Leopard Cat breeding when her mate died.  She spends her days on Easy Street napping in the shade of the palms at the edge of her gold fish filled ponds.






Male Amurian Leopard Cat

Date of Birth: 5/94

Draikko came to Wildlife On Easy Street on July 14, 1995 from a breeder in California who was in violation of local laws limiting the number of cats allowed. This cat was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, and we tried to buy him at two weeks, but the zoo refused to take him away from his mother until he was much older. We lost track of him until he was five years old at which time we gladly welcomed him in.



Amur Leopard Cat Kitten

We quit breeding cats in 1997 when Don disappeared. We spent the next 3 years building better Cat-A-Tats for our 200 residents. We neutered and spayed all of the bobcats, cougars and lynx.

We had a pair of Amur Leopard Cats who had lived together since 1995 in the "Bengal barn". All of the Bengal Cats have since been altered and turned loose to patrol the grounds on Easy Street.

In the Spring of 2000 the Leopard Cats moved into their new 1000 square foot Cat-A-Tat with it's bushes, trees and underground dens. It must have been very romantic.

Much to our amazement, Shalimar and Draikko gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy on June 30, 2000. While it was not our intent to breed this endangered specie we are bursting with joy that another generation has been born.










Easy Street's Family of Asian Leopard Cats


Male Asian Leopard Cat

Date of Birth: 1991

Shanghai arrived on Easy Street on 9/25/96. He arrived with a missing ear and was crippled because of a cat fight, but he has since blossomed into a remarkably beautiful cat despite his defects. He never had any fur below his neck until we switched his diet from chicken and turkey to primarily American Food Service’s (AFS) Carnivore Diet. He has since developed a beautiful coat.

He is in love with Islee, and always lets her eat first, but she always saves some for him. Shanghai had sired three litters before coming to Easy Street.  Until Islee arrived, he did not have a pure bred, Asian Leopard Cat with which to cohabitate.  


Female Asian Leopard Cat

Date of Birth:

Islee came to Easy Street on October 23, 2000 on loan from S.O.S. Care and Pat Quillen in California as both of our Leopard Cats were living alone.  Photo of Islee by Anissa Camp.


We do not encourage breeding of domestic wild cat hybrids. These cats are emotionally confused and often are born with life threatening defects.

You can Adopt-A-Cat from this page and help feed and care for the animals you love.



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