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This site is intended for personal and non-profit use only. (In fact, I have to pay for this!) Any proceeds gained through this site (for example, through The Bookstore) are used solely for the hosting fees and other expenses. I make no claim to own "Star Trek" or any of the names related to it. Images that are displayed on this site are copyrighted to Paramount Pictures (in the case of screen shots and similar pictures) or to the creator of the image (for fan-made pictures). Visitors may download any pictures displayed on this site, as long as they are not used for profit, and proper credit is given.

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Starfleet Reference Databank
All FileMaker Pro database programming, scripting, and design used in "Starfleet Reference Databank" are copyrighted to Dan Carlson. I spent several years working on the scripting, graphics, and design, so don't even THINK of copying it! If I find a site that has, you WILL be assimilated! Almost all of the images used in SFRD were found at other sites. See the
links page for a (partial) list of sources. If you find one of your images used on this site and your page is not listed in the links, contact Dan Carlson, and your site will be added to the list or the images removed.

Visitors are free to copy material from "Starfleet Reference Databank" for their own use, but if the information is used for another website, a link to "Star Trek Minutiae" is requested as credit for the source.

Starfleet Academy
Information in the "Starfleet Academy" section is original text and is copyrighted to Dan Carlson. Material may be re-published in the form of excerpts. Do not simply copy an entire page and put it up on your site. If you do use some information, please give credit where it is due, in the form of a link to the URL listed above.

Star Trek: Restoration
The fan fiction series "Star Trek: Restoration" is completely original material, aside from the obvious fact that "Star Trek" and the other names like the Federation, the Klingons, etc are copyrighted to Paramount. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. All original ideas, text, and images are copyright to Dan Carlson unless otherwise noted. Material from this section may not be copied and displayed on another site without the express permission of the author.

The Subspace Cafe
All original material displayed on "The Subspace Cafe" are copyright to the original author and may not be used in whole or part without the express permission of the author. The statements and opinions in the material displayed on this site are those of the individual contributors.

Humor Archive
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All rights are reserved by the webmaster. I would prefer if I were notified before you copy any material for another website.

I apologize for this very long notice, but I wanted to cover all the bases. Remember, "ignorance of the law does not make one exempt from compliance thereof."

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster for more information.

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