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Easy Street's Tigers

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SHERE KHAN Male Bengal/Siberian Tiger born 12/20/94 stole our hearts on 3/12/95. He had been sold as a cub, but the purchaser kept putting off his delivery date, until he finally canceled the sale at four months. The breeder's then had a four month old cub on their hands who had never been disciplined, and for whom they had no other facilities, than a small carrier, that he was quickly outgrowing. We accepted him knowing that we may never be able to completely tame and trust him. We and our staff and volunteers work with him several hours every day to try and teach him not to bite and to help teach him how to use his back legs which were badly underdeveloped. He was very sickly for a long time and suffered major problems from calcium deficiency. As he grew stronger there was no match here for him. We brought in a mate for him, China Doll, in hopes that he would run off all of that excess energy with her and save his love time for us. They adored each other right away and although she is less than a month older than him, and a smaller breed, she still outweighed him almost half again. One day when they were running in circles, he ran into the concrete den box and was looking back to see if she caught his slick move. He hit the back of the box with such force that his nose swelled up. Drains were installed and antibiotics administered faithfully, but he could not recover. Further X-rays showed that his canine teeth were rotting in their sockets from the severe calcium deficiency and they had to be excised. His bones were mere paper shells and one wrong jump could easily break a leg. We supplemented him three times a day with Calcium, rather than once a day as before, to encourage healthy bones and teeth. At 3 years of age he is well over 800 pounds and the picture of health. I have seen him leap in play over twelve feet and hit the ground running.  His new three acre pen on the lake provides him with plenty of room to run through the marsh and swim in the spring fed lake.

ChinaDoll.JPG (26874 bytes)CHINA DOLL Female Bengal Tiger was born November 1994 and came to us a big beautiful cub in April of 1995 as a play mate for Shere Khan. She walked right out of the carrier, allowed us to bathe her and then licked some calcium and vitamin powder off the plate, before any food was offered. She came from Oneida and they really seem to care for their cats. She was obviously raised on vitamins and calcium and was half again bigger than the male we had imported her for. She had been well trained and although she will try your patience, she will respond favorably to a firm "no."  Her new three acre pen gives her unlimited access to the lake she loves.







Auroara.JPG (27718 bytes)AUROARA was born in Feb. 1996 and traded to us for a Serval kitten. She is a Siberian/Bengal hybrid. Her owners could not afford another big mouth to feed, even if she was the runt to Bombay and Sunny.  She loves to swim and when she is taken out for a walk, she heads straight for the beach where she can swim and play and talk to the big Tigers.  She has approximately one acre fenced in where she can play and swim in the lake.












Note below how this stretching tiger blends in with her background. The white under belly and the sand, the black stripes and the roots and trees and the golden stripes and the dappled sunshine.




Some tigers just come to "cat heaven" to retire.  These following tigers were all employed in the entertainment industry for most of their lives.  In the fall of 2000 their owner commissioned  WildLife on Easy Street to build them each 2000 square foot Cat-A-Tats with dens and pools and lots of space to lay out by the lake and soak up the Florida sunshine.  As you can tell by the photos these are great cats with wonderful purrsonalities.  






D.O.B. 1/1/81

This makes him our oldest tiger.  We have a cougar who is four years older.  Axel loves to eat and comes running at dinner time.  He appears to be stone, cold deaf and cannot hear our chuffing so we try to give him visual clues that we are being friendly.  He is very people oriented but not too fond of other tigers.  His cage is full of trees and brush and a great den, so he doesn't have to see his neighbors if he doesn't want to.  He can lounge in his pool and look out over the lake.

All of these tigers have been neutered and spayed to prevent any chance of unwanted offspring.  Even though they are an endangered specie, there is no reason for the public to be breeding them.  The zoos produced more than they can store as they are easy breeders, even in captivity.







Buffy has been grazing like  a cow since his arrival.  He just loves all the edible plants in his new Cat-A-Tat.  He is a little lighter in colour than the other tigers and has a very sweet, if not shy, disposition.  From his cage he can stalk Nini, next door, or survey his kingdom on the lake from the top of his massive den.  He likes to stand with his front paws in his pool, but hasn't gotten up the courage to plunge in yet.






Nini should have checked herself into a fat farm a long time ago.  She will have lots of opportunity to get back into shape, even in her advanced age with her new large Cat-A-Tat and her pool and climbing trees.  She and Sarmonti used to be in the act together and they recognized each other immediately when she got her a month after he did.  






Conan was a little cautious about his new digs at first, but just a week later he was smiling big for the camera.  He likes to come lay by his riverbed that adjoins Nini's cage so that they can talk about the lions next door and share fishing stories.   






Sarmonti is German for Abracadabra.  Despite the great name for a working cat, he retired earlier than all of his buddies, because he doesn't do tricks.   His favorite past time in watching Banjo the Bearcat next door.  Photo by Matt Ruszczyk.



Below, Vernon Stairs works on a pool for nine new tigers who will be arriving soon. Each tiger's Cat-A-Tat will be over 2000 square feet and will include a pool, waterfall, underground den, bushes, trees, sprinkler system and safety and doors and lockouts.


You can Adopt-A-Cat from this page and help feed and care for the animals you love.




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