Obtained from Roland Jary, January 13, 1999:

"This is a copy of a handwritten letter form T. B. Saunders, (born in
1816, Fayetteville N.Carolina, married in Alabama-moved to Mississippi,
then to Texas. Died 1902, buried Saunders, Texas.) to a nephew, who had
inquired about his name and ancestral background. The date when the
letter was written is unknown-but judged to be in the late 1890's. It
no-doubt contains some humor fiction regarding one of the original
brother emigrants to America dropping the "U" out of his name. Also
having his grandfather die on the battlefield probably sounded a lot
more exciting than dying form old age--which Capt. William Arron
Saunders did, according to the files of the Library of Congress, as he
was still a Capt. in the 1st North Carolina, and transferred to the 4th
February 6, 1782, and retired Jan 1st, 1783.

The original letter is so worn and yellowed - as well as torn - that it
would be hard to Photostat, so the following typewritten copy will have
to suffice."


T. B. Saunders III, April 1972


There were two Saunders brothers who came from England long before
the Revolutionary war. At that time the Pirates were very bad on the
North Carolina coast. The governor of N.Carolina outfitted a vessel to
catch them, and in making up the crew he took one of these brothers, and
they caught old Black Bear the pirate and hung him to the mast arm. The
crew got a good deal of money, and when that brother came back he left
the U out of his name. This the reason so many spell their names

My grandfather married in Virginia. My grandmother's name was Joan
Bailey, of the famous old family of Virginia. My grandfather was killed
in a fight with the Tories. His brother, Issac, which is your great
grandfather, was the first man that ever built a house on Cross creek
below Fayettville. And another brother by the name of Moses was a
Baptist preacher and they had one sister. I have seen her myself. She
married a man by the name of Hamilton. I have seen your great
grandfather and his wife, and they were very old then.

Your grandfather had two brothers, Ben and Joe, they moved to
Alabama and their families are their yet. I saw an old lady in New
Orleans a few years ago, she was a Saunders and she told me the same
story about the Saunders. I have told you all about the old generation
that I know and will now tell you about the new. In the first place,
brother Steven has two daughters in west Texas and two sons in Oklahoma,
all rest are dead. Brother Luke has two daughters in west Texas, all
rest are dead. sister Pallie has one daughter in Okla. four daughters
and one son in alabama. Sister Tibitha, her children are all dead.

Sister Joan has three children in alabama. Sister Agnes has five
children, three in Texas, and others in Alabama. Brother Harris has two
daughters in northern Texas, and rest in Mississippi. All are doing
well. Brother Jack has six children and the widow and all the children
are living in Alabama. Bro. Harris and I are only two living of the old
family. I don't know where sister Sallie's children are. I don't know
where bro. Allen''s children are either. I have ten children, Matt,
Bill, George, John, Jan, Allen (he is dead), Nancy, ann, Mary and

Your Uncle,

T. B. Saunders