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ChimpWEB Interview With 'Sexiest Man On The Internet'

September 20, 1999

CNN Exclusive
Halifax, Nova Scotia

this is mike

The content on this page is real. That is the real log, those are real emails. ChimpWEB is known for 'bending the truth' a bit, but when we talk or casually interview someone, its all factual.

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mikes original page that we're discussing

the song mike speaks of
ignatz - hello kid.mp3 (771kb)

another girl.wav remix mp3
kidd.mp3 (738kb)

interview number two with mike (9.22.99)

interview with one of mikes ladies (10.5.99)

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on 9.18.99 magoo had the chance to talk with that well known child sexual icon of the internet, michael.

if you are unfamiliar with "michael" you can check out the page that skyrocketed him to fame here.

i tracked him down and we chatted. here's the log

chimpweb- did your page go down?
michael- ok. how or umm where did you get my icq address? yes that page was made years ago
cw- i saw your webpage with the request for a new girlfriend. im a webmaster @chimpweb [] and linked it there because we're huge fans
m- it is down perminitly now
cw- but why? it was a great page. i laughed, i cried, i was touched. if u still have the files, we'll mirror it on chimpweb for you
m- i was made fun of by half the cyber nation! i deleted the files after i got e-mails saying fag boy
cw- well we're here to bring back your plee to the tops of the net again. how old are you now and are you still available?
m- i am 14 now and currently have a girlfriend
cw- do u not have backups of the files?
m- i deleted ALL of the files
cw- well thats too bad. i managed to save 'girl.wav' but the html/gfx were lost. did you meet this sweetheart via your web request for a new woman? [* editors note: files recovered and mirrored now]
m- plz delete that girl.wav i never want to hear about it again. I am sorry but i have people making fun of my voice.
cw- i dont think you have to worry about anything. your voice is your voice. i was very impressed with the webpage for an 11 year old. it was amazing. to have a voice request there, ingenius! i dont think you should be so self consious.. let you be you.
m- goto the song Hello Kid is my voice. ok. i just have recieved picts of some people and nasty letters from others
cw- oh no. thats not cool. what are the pics? and how nasty are the letters? would u mind releasing them all to chimpweb?
m- what is your e-mail?
cw- .. please send whatever you have. the more the better.
m- ok just don't put my e-mail up on it too many crappy e-mails come in
cw- naw dont worry. what about your name? all i know is mike
m- Just Mike B will work
cw- what region do u live at mike?
m- New Mexico That Dry Spot In the South
cw- right on. any siblings? pets?
m- 2 siblings 5 pets all cats
cw- brothers or sisters or a mix? why the fascination with cats?
m- Mix. We Just Like cats we only had 2 but they had kittens
cw- ahhhh.. got any pics of yourself/family/pets/whatever
m- 1 of myself i will send it
cw- great. what about your woman. meet her from the old page? have a pic?
m- sorry not a pict of her and she is sitting besides me and doesn't want me to show anyone her pict. I only have the picture from the old web page.
cw- well i think we're about done here, is there anything else i should know about this whole situation?
m- yes i think it all started with a .chelle i think it was that's it.

some of the emails
From: "Rhoda Relmaux" (
Subject: My Picture
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 23:10:36 MDT

My name is Rhoda Relmaux, and I'm 16 years old. I just started 11th grade at Boise Senior High School in Idaho. My boyfriend just broke up with me too.

I sent you some ICQ messages earlier, but I guess you were not online. That's OK, but I _really_ wanna talk to you. I saw your web page, and thought you were cute. I promise not to break up with you if we get together.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I thought you might want to see my picture,
Michael. Here it is. I hope you like it!



From: "brian bartels" (
Subject: i like you
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 21:00:48 -0500

you are hot, can i be your girlfriend?

brian bartels

From: "? ?" (
Subject: hi
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 08:02:36 GMT

hi my names megan
i found your page off a friend
i think you look cute and sound nice
i would like to be your girlfriend if you dont have one yet
im 12 and im in year 6 too
tell me more about you

From: Andrew Lofstrand (
Subject: Hello Kid
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 12:31:18 -0400
Check out the song entitled Hello Kid.
It seems that the Tuba section at Georgia Tech has grown quite fond of you.
Take it easy little man.

From: "Chris Fankhauser" (
Subject: ..
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 09:02:38 -0700

Just out of a sick perverted curious impulse, i had to see if this email existed.

Thank you.

Subject: dude
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 21:59:36 -0400

Kick ass site dude, be my love slave yo,