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    AUSTRALIA (100% owned)


    Franklins is Australia's leading discount supermarket chain and the third largest food retailer with a 13% share of the national grocery market and a 15% market share in the four states in which it operates.

    The success of the "Fresh" format has led to an acceleration of the investment program.

    Franklins is positioned as the "Customer's Champion" with a focus on customer service and an offer that is priced consistently below those of other retailers.

    The company has built two distinctive brands, Franklins and Big Fresh. Franklins is positioned as the modern discounter with stores in the 15,000-38,000 sq. ft range. Franklins has two sub-brands, namely No Frills and Fresh.

    The Big Fresh brand is positioned as "the ultimate adventure in food shopping" through larger markets up to 57,000 sq. ft in size.

    Through a program of continuous improvements in its formats, Franklins has launched new and easy-to-shop Franklins Fresh and Big Fresh store designs that will be the foundation for all future stores. Consistent with the new image, Franklins has adopted new corporate and store logos along with new decor, signage and ticketing packages that will be rolled out in future years.

    During 1999, Franklins converted 12 stores to Fresh, acquired 10 stores, added seven new Fresh and one new Big Fresh store with the closure of four small stores. By year end, Franklins had 284 stores,187 of them offering fresh products.

    Changes in State of Victoria regulations in 1999 provided a new opportunity in the liquor market. Capitalising on these changes, a liquor section was added to 10 stores.

    Franklins leases all 284 outlets, which together with 40 Franklins Liquor units total 6.6 million sq. ft of trading space.

    Fresh produce and meat are distributed through its climate- controlled distribution centres.

    Franklins continued to support its sponsorship of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games by launching a joint supplier/Franklins product promotion program, which has become a new benchmark worldwide.

    In 2000, Franklins' focus is on reducing costs with particular emphasis on logistics, inventory and administration expenses, as well as realising the benefits of the substantial investments in information systems during the past three years.

    Franklins' premium corporate brand, First Choice, was expanded and now consists of more than 500 lines The No Frills range of economy products continues to be successful, attracting considerable consumer loyalty.


    Franklins offers customers the convenience of best-value one-stop food shopping.



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