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World News
More Than 4,000 Dead in 7.9 Earthquake in India
By Prasad Ramamurthy
, 26 January, 22:14 GMT
World Internet Times Staff
More than 4,000 people have been killed and 2,000 injured in a devastating quake that has rocked several parts of the Indian subcontinent. The quake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, had its epicenter 20 kilometers northeast of the Indian city of Bhuj and 300 kilometers southeast of Karachi, Pakistan's largest city.

NATO Says No Link Between Uranium in Kosovo War Weapons, Cancer
Environmental News Service
, 25 January
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- There is no link between the depleted uranium munitions used in the NATO-led Balkans wars and the rash of cancers that have been reported by soldiers who fought in the conflicts, according to the chairman of a multinational committee convened to study the matter.

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Editorials & Opinion
Editorial: U.S. Must Not Withdraw From the World Stage
21 January
One reoccurring theme in Bush's campaign was that 'Europeans should defend Europe' - a reference to removing U.S. soldiers from U.N. peacekeeping operations in southeastern Europe. If the European Union wants the United States to leave, then of course the country should do so. This newspaper, however, believes this is not the case.

U.S. Will Face Increased Tension as the Year Progresses
, 21 January
AUSTIN, Texas, United States -- In 2001, the rules will change. U.S. President George W. Bush will enter office hamstrung at home with questions over the legitimacy of his election, a divided Congress and a downturn in the economy. These difficulties for the world's dominant power will accelerate global realignment and spark increased tension and the potential for conflict.

Letters to the Editor

Business & Finance
Could CEOs Learn a Lesson From American Country Star Garth Brooks?
By Mark Scheinbaum
, 27 October
The American Reporter
BOCA RATON, Florida, United States -- More than 100 top CEOs wind up their meeting at the posh Boca Resort and Hotel today, just a few hours after recording megastar Garth Brooks announced his retirement. Is there a connection?

The Media
News Dissector: Contrasting American and Nigerian "Reality TV"
By Danny Schechter
, 17 January
NEW YORK CITY -- Two countries. Two uses of television. Two concepts of reality. One is anchored in the commercial imperative to titillate, the other on the need for a public airing of a painful past.

News Dissector: The Top Media Stories of the Year
By Danny Schechter
, 29 December
NEW YORK CITY -- In 1555 Nostradamus wrote: "Come the millennium, month 12/ In the home of greatest power,/ The village idiot will come forth/ To be acclaimed the leader."

Culture & Society
A Short Visit to a Longhouse in Malaysia
By Andrea Rademan and David Marlow
, 21 January
The American Reporter
BORNEO, Malaysia -- They say birds chirp louder in the Borneo jungle. The native Iban Indians contend it's because their feathered friends are happier there than anyplace else. To see for ourselves, we took a canoe trip down the ancient Seterap river to spend the night with this tribe of hunter-gatherers who, just a few generations ago, had been headhunters.

U.S. Music: The Best Songs of the 20th Century
By Randolph T. Holhut
, 17 January
The American Reporter
DUMMERSTON, Vermont, United States -- When the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts sent out the ballot for their "Songs of the Century" project last month, I couldn't resist taking part. At least this was a free and fair election in the United States with candidates worth supporting and a ballot that contained not a single chad.

Religion & Belief
Hindu Pilgrims Risk Disease By Immersing in Sacred Ganges River
Environmental News Service,
18 January
ALLAHABAD, India -- Seventy million people are expected to immerse themselves in the waters of the Ganges River during Maha Kumbh Mela, or Great Sacred Jug Festival. The 42 day Hindu ritual began January 14 at Allahabad, some 375 miles southeast of New Delhi, and will end with the bathing on February 21.

Neo-Paganism: Reviving a Centuries-Old Underground Tradition
By Harlan White, 3 December
The Church of All Worlds
These religions, while varying widely in detail, are seen as having common elements of pantheism, animism, polytheism, reverence for the Earth and nature, and an indulgence in ritual for both celebrational and shamanic purposes.

Science & Technology
U.S. Requests Further Delay in Global Warming Negotiations
Environmental News Service
, 25 January
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The United States has asked for a further delay before formal negotiations restart on the ground rules for implementing the United Nations Kyoto Protocol governing greenhouse gas emissions.

U.K. Legalizes Cloning of Human Embryos
Environmental News Service
, 23 January
LONDON -- The United Kingdom has become the first country to legalize the creation of cloned human embryos, after the House of Lords voted last night to relax government regulations.

World Sport
UK Rugby: Bath faces tough challenge against Newport in Heineken Cup
By Edward King
, 25 January
World Internet Times Staff
BATH, England -- Bath Rugby Club will tonight attempt the near impossible when they face Welsh club Newport in the Heineken Cup.

UK Ice Hockey: Cardiff Devils Defeat Belfast Giants
By Adrian Read, 18 January
World Internet Times Staff
CARDIFF, Wales -- After a great run during Christmas and New Year's Day, last weekend saw the Cardiff Devils coming back to Earth with a thud.

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