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August 19th, 2000
TiFiC Kräftskiva

On Friday, August 19th, TiFiC employees and their partners were treated to a fabulous traditional Swedish "Kräftskiva", the English equivalent being "crayfish spread". Traditionally, late August is crayfish high season, and all over the country people gather to eat, sing and dance and wash it all down with clear "nubbarna"(snaps), and öl(beer). It was a great way to warm up the house for a new season!

August 10th, 2000
Björn Bengtsson to attend NordiCHI 2000 conference

In October, Björn Bengtsson, TiFiC's Senior Usability Engineer will attend NordiCHI 2000, the First Nordic Conference on Computer-Human Interaction, October 23-25 and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference is organised by STIMDI (the Swedish Interdisciplinary Interest group for Human Computer Interaction) in co-operation with HCI organisations from the other Nordic countries. The next newsletter will contain a report of his experience.

August 2nd, 2000
TiFiC at YHTEYS conference & expo

Another opportunity to see the TiFiC Demo! A presentation team from TiFiC will be on hand at the annual YHTEYS conference in Helsinki, Finland. YHTEYS 2000 Conference & Expo is the major contact center event in Northern European call center service providers. This year's special themes are e-commerce and CRM. Both represent new challenges to help desk and call center managers. YHTEYS will be held October 3rd and 4th.

July 31st, 2000
A warm welcome to Tommy Sundbom,
TiFiC Stockholm Regional Manager

TiFiC welcomes Tommy Sundbom, who will lead sales operations at TiFiC's new location in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tommy Sundbom
mobil: +46 (0)708 68 80 07
email: tommy.sundbom@tific.com

TiFiC Stockholm
Mailing address:
   TiFiC AB, Box 6409, 113 82 Stockholm
Visiting address:
   Edge, Hälsingegatan 40, 16tr

June 23rd, 2000
TiFiC Web Demo

TiFiC will soon have a web-ready demo available. Anyone will be able to download a prototype of the TiFiC Windows 98 support system from our website, www.tific.com. As development progresses, more and more features, such as auto-detection and adaptivity, as well as plenty of content will be added to the demo. Stay tuned to watch TiFiC in action!

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The Vision
The TiFiC core mission is to dramatically improve the product experience of everyone who uses a computer. To accomplish this task, TiFiC has developed the new standard in E-support: The TiFiC Digital Support System.

Your support now...

The TiFiC Digital Support System is an exceptionally user-friendly web-based support package powered by the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and designed according to a new standard in usability. The TiFiC system reduces the support costs at TiFiC partner companies while at the same time relieving administrators and producing enriched and satisfied customers.

Your support together with TiFiC

The Switch to E-support
One example of how the TiFiC product makes an impact on the support market:

Today almost all technical support is based on telephone support. When a customer has a problem with their computer they make a phone call to a support company, where they are often put on hold for an extended period of time. The support technician then asks a large number of questions to determine the problem. Often multiple calls are required due to limited competence among support technicians and divided responsibility between the manufacturers of system hardware and software components.

The customer and the support technician?  Frustrated and unhappy!

Management must redirect revenue from investors to keep support technicians up-to-date on product information and aware of issues such as complaint management.

Management?  Frustrated and unhappy!

Telephone support is costly, maintenance heavy and generally undesirable on all levels.

Today's solution
Today's solution is called E-support. E-support uses the power of the Internet to revolutionize the support industry and is the fastest growing market in the computer industry. The TiFiC Support System is state-of-the-art, bringing technology to its full potential by combining science with intelligence to produce the world's first truly human-friendly e-support system. Terrific!

The TiFiC Digital Support System - How does it work?
Users double-click on the TiFiC icon, when they need to find an answer to a question or solve a problem, they . The TiFiC client progam quickly loads and the intelligent system starts asking basic questions to determine what the question or problem is.

When the problem is identified, the user is either guided step-by-step to the solution in a pedagogical way, or the problem is fixed automatically by the TiFiC client. The system can also answer a large number of questions related to the normal use of the product. If more help is needed, the program will connect to the extensive TiFiC support database via the Internet.

Easy administration
The TiFiC system is also tailored to the needs of administrators. The TiFiC system features a Visual Programming Environment (VPE) that allows for quick and efficient support updates. Administrators can use also the statistics feature of the TiFiC system to collect information about the usage of their products.

An Artificially Intelligent Interface
User input is monitored by the artificial intelligence of the TiFiC application. The system actually adapts itself to the level of expertise and browsing style of the user. The TiFiC client then evolves with the user overtime as they become more and more familiar with the product.

This adaptability, combined with remote diagnostics, automatic scanning and a thoroughly designed dialogue, turns burdensome technical support into an easy, educational and enjoyable experience.

TiFiC Partners - Software, Hardware and Service vendors
The TiFiC Digital Support System can easily be adapted to provide support for a large range of products - from complete computer systems to web-based services such as e-trade. The TiFiC system is also applicable across other domains, reaching any company or organization that requires customer support.

If your company is interested in applying the revolutionary TiFiC Digital Support System to a product or service, please contact Jonas Eklind at jonas.eklind@tific.com


The TiFiC innovation was pioneered by Jonas P. Skoog in 1998 and since then the Tific Digital Support System has been developed and refined. In the fall of 1999 Telia Business Innovation was accepted as a financial partner, and the rapid growth of a revolutionary company began. The final TiFiC product is scheduled for release in late 2000, and is currently being developed to high acclaim for well-established Swedish software and finance corporations.

The TiFiC Management Team
The founders of TiFiC represent a high degree of competence and experience in the areas of computer science, artificial intelligence, complex systems, graphic design, project management, international marketing and entrepreneurship. Complimented by experts from the support industry and computer interface design, the TiFiC Team is an truly an unmatchable force of enterprise and applied expertise.

The Founders of TiFiC:
Jonas P. Skoog, Founder
Jonas Eklind, CEO
Johan N. Johansson, Executive Vice President
Mats Nordahl, Vice President, Research and Development
Mats Jonasson, Vice President, Finance and Administration
Peter Nordin, Research Manager

TiFiC Collaborators
TiFiC maintains a close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, and several of its international research partners. With these collaborations TiFiC has access to world-class research environments in new areas of artificial intelligence, in particular evolutionary algorithms such as genetic programming, and is in contact with rapidly expanding research environments in interactive media and complex systems design.

The TiFiC company supports collaborations towards the continued advancement of information technology and the enrichment of society as a whole.

TiFiC Lingo
The name TiFiC has a flavor of scientific, artificial and terrific - words that closely describe the Tific Digital Support System.

To invest in TiFiC, or to develop a collaboration with us, please e-mail Jonas Eklind at jonas.eklind@tific.com for further details.


Project Manager e-support
Would you like to work with today's most important trend in the computer industry?

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to work with state-of-the-art Internet technologies, and who can contribute to the development of the rapidly emerging e-support market.

To be succeed you need a genuine interest in user interactions, pedagogical talent, and the ability to create links between customer needs and desires and our development resources.

We prefer applicants with a relevant academic degree, such as a M. Sc., and experience from technical support, system administration, or related fields. Strong written and verbal communication skills, in English as well as Swedish, are also necessary.

For more information or to submit an application please contact:

Jonas Eklind / CEO


Tific Göteborg
Kungsportsavenyn 34, S - 411 36 Göteborg, Sweden
Phone: 31 18 80 90
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TiFiC Stockholm
Mailing address: TiFiC AB, Box 6409, 113 82 Stockholm
Visiting address: Edge, Hälsingegatan 40, 16tr
Phone: +46 (0)708 68 80 07
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