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QUOTE FOR THE WEEK: "Christianity is first and foremost about relationships rather than rules - our relationship with God and our relationships with each other."

January 28

a whole month has gone by since i last wrote in here - that's not to say i haven't been tweaking with the site - i have - and my other sites too - it's just that when you're on holiday there isn't always an awful lot to talk about - especially if you've been on the reading marathon that i have!
school starts again for me tomorrow - you remember i'm working 2-1/2 days a week at a local school - i start with a breakfast at 7.30am at a local cafe - yum! jono starts on tuesday and emma starts on thursday! i've already put some time into school over the last two weeks - writing the intranet and checking out computers - and that's even before i start getting paid!!

December 28

well - Christmas Day has come and gone - now all we're waiting for is the start of the REAL millennium!! - i've been updating the photo pages -the links now point to photopoint albums for viewing

December 8

this must be my week - this morning my long awaited cd arrived from HP - i had it all installed and my scanner up and running before i left for school this morning - i'm one happy person
i also got my name mentioned in the very first paragraph of todays issue of lockergnome - more fame!! - can i cope??
and last - but definitely not least - i got news i've been anxiously awaiting for a while - my 0.5 teaching position for next year (late jan to early dec) at raumati beach school has been confirmed - woo hoo!! i will be working as an ICT specialist which is kind of an unwritten position - brand new and therefore challenging - but also GEEKIE too !!!

December 7

my gnome gear arrived today - woohoo - an early christmas present - and not too shabby a delivery time either! thanks chris and the team

December 1

the lockergnome shop has opened - on tuesday in fact! i've been for my visit - placed my order - and yesterday (thursday) i received an email telling me my order has been dispatched - now the wait - wonder how long it will take to arrive - you'll have to check back and see
i've also been playing around with javascript - can you tell? :)
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