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Hello, i am "Sabu", no one special for now...lately i've been seeing ALOT of Brazilian and asian defacers just come out a leash their skills, i didn't see any Puerto Rican hacker's, or well: "defacer's", show up, so i guess i'll be your Puerto Rican defacer for now huh? elite...

I guess i have the floor now to speak as what i want so uhm...feel free to sit back, and go into my world, the world of actually nothing, other than sexual perversion, suicidal thought's, poetry beyond "elite's", and so on...


Warfare testing on Puerto Rico...

   I Am fucking outraged that this type of warfare testing is going on still AFTER over 50 years...ever since the takeover of freedom by the U.S.A to Puerto Rico, the U.S.A has treated Puerto Rico and it's citicenz like shit, first us Ricans get called EXTREMELYcorny racial slurs as: "Spic", which is incredibly retarded.  Not just having a few white's disrespect us...we're having our island's of Puerto Rico being used as fucking test sites....what is going on with the government? they have hawaii...why aren't they using hawaii for a test site also? Why don't they find somewhere else to test their weapons...look at all that EXTRA land they had with area 51, they sure aren't using their weapon's there...they have many other places to test...yet they are still using the beautiful and historical land of Puerto Rico.  I Got to admit that i love america as much as the next american, but their ignorance in this issue is totally fucked up.  Not long ago our CROOKED Government Senator for Puerto Rico made a deal with the U.S.A government, agreed to let the bombing continue until the year 2003, and when that contract is over, Puerto Rico will receive: $50,000,000.00(fifty million dollars), Only $50M, that's sad...knowing the the U.S.A has enough cash for each senator to use for showers.

   I'm not going to be the weird one and right away say: "If the U.S.A don't stop their warfare testing on the soil of Vieques then i'll release a mass virus!", even though it would be funny to watch everyone panic and laugh at me, but that's not me.

To finish up here...well i just hope that one day our government at the U.S.A can realize how barbaric and ignorant they are beeing by using a person filled island as a warfare test site, causing death's, mass chemical cancers and so on...


"Every time a server gets defacement....an angel gets his wings."

Later...i hope you enjoyed the defacement as much as i did, all i want is the respect that i deserve or should i take it by force?

If r00t.owned = True Then
admin.needs.help = True
admin.guru = False
End If

fear the elite VB coding skills!
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