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Absurdetz da Lingua Portugese

the story of a girl

Profound Realizations


Wild Card Anime Industries: Apat...

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Who would buy that?

"One man's junk is another man's treasure" is the mantra of eBay auctions, and this site finds dozens of amazing examples every day. Shauna and Drue not only unearth kitsch-filled gems, they make you look at junk in a whole new light. (a tragically funny light.)

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Tip: The best way to keep from losing data, is to copy your post to your clipboard before hitting the post button. While in the posting form, you can do this in Windows with two quick keystrokes -- ctrl+A, ctrl+C. I'm sure there's a similar easy way on other platforms. I do this for all web applications where I'm entering a lot of data, because by nature, they are precarious. But it's especially important in these times for Blogger and has saved me many groans of frustration.
– Ev. [2/1/2001 12:38:08 PM] +

Rolling Blogger-outs? If you're seeing the "Blogger too busy" screen a lot lately and wondering what's going on, here's the deal: There are two web servers talking to one database (there are also three other servers doing peripheral stuff, like transferring files, but they're not a problem right now). Prior to getting a new server, there was one main web server, and it was the bottleneck. We added another web server, which we set up to equally share the load. This dramatically sped up that part of the chain. However, the two web servers in combination are now sending so many requests to the one database, it has become the bottleneck. (This is why, among other things, when you load the home page sometimes lately, it will appear as if you don't have any blogs. If this happens, don't panic. Just try reloading.)

We still have a couple more servers sitting here that we can spread some of the load to, but it's a lot more difficult to distribute database requests than web server requests. We know lots of things we can do to distribute the database, as well as make it much more efficient. And I'm working on those, but it hasn't gone smoothly, and some of them require me to rewrite some code, which is just time-consuming to get right. So, while I'm doing that, when the database gets too overwhelmed (which is more and more frequently), I'm switching off one of the web servers for a while. Half the people will still get in, but half will get the "Blogger too busy" screen. I know this is frustrating, but hopefully it will be less frustrating than it being dog-slow and timing out for everyone. It's sort of like the rolling black-outs here in California. When it happens to you, you know it's only going to be for an hour, and you can hold off on your 'lectricity needs until then. Hopefully, I won't have to do this for more than a couple days. We did all the quick-fixes, but there's a medium-fix I should be able to do today. However, Zoso (the db server) isn't the only one who's overwhelmed these days, so with me luck. :)
– Ev. [2/1/2001 12:32:14 PM] +

Piasentin.com: "Well, tonight I'll be on CBC Radio One, making my radio broadcasting debut, on an excellent show called TodRadio.com. It's a show about technology and how it impacts people. My piece is on, what else, Weblogs--which is what you're reading right now."
– Ev. [1/30/2001 02:23:34 PM] +

Content Exchange: "Corante takes the weblog concept to the professional level, and Jolliffe's goal is to create a wide range of daily weblogs edited and written by paid topic experts and/or journalists."
– Ev. [1/29/2001 08:02:36 PM] +

We are still working on integrating all the new servers into the system, in case you were wondering why things arne't blazingly fast and flawless yet. We have a lot more firepower now, but it takes a while to rearrange things to take advantage of it. (In fact, so far, this rearranging itself is making things less reliable. Sorry 'bout that. We're working on it...) Thanks.
– Ev. [1/29/2001 03:59:16 PM] +

Woohoo! Remember I mentioned there would be more good news about the Server Fund? It's this: on top of the huge contributions you all made, Web Techniques magazine bought us another server. That brings our total Server Fund contributions over $15,000 and gives us enough fire power to last a long time -- or enough to hurt ourselves, we'll see. Here's the official press release. Yay! Web Techniques rocks.
– Ev. [1/23/2001 10:43:23 AM] +

The Bloggies: "The Bloggies™ are publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs in 30 categories."
– Ev. [1/22/2001 09:48:06 PM] +

We're still working to integrate the last two servers -- and on creating some new stuff. It's going to take a bit of development, but we have several interesting things in the pipeline. This morning, however, we made some code tweaks that should speed things up a bit further -- or, at least, reduce a little of the load on our database, which is a good thing. I'm noticing a vast improvement in the speed of BlogThis!, in particular. Oh, and we have even more good news on the Server Fund topic, which we'll be announcing tomorrow.
– Ev. [1/22/2001 01:11:37 PM] +

Update to the update: The new servers have arrived. (So flat!)
– Ev. [1/16/2001 02:09:09 PM] +

Server Fund Update: According to the shipping company, the two new servers arrived at SFO yesterday morning. We haven't seen them yet, but are expecting them anytime. Stickers are coming! Thank you for your patience there. And...well, more to come...
– Ev. [1/16/2001 12:40:41 PM] +

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