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Implementing XML
UCLA Extension,
World Trade Center
Los Angeles, CA

January 26-28, 2001

XML Tutorials,
DISA Internet Conference,
San Francisco

March 2001

Implementing XML
Santa Fe,
New Mexico

April 23-25, 2001

Implementing Advanced
XML Applications

June, 2001
(More announcements to come)


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Welcome to the EDI, XML, Internet,  CALS, Security,  EC, & Y2K  Information Center!

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What is EDI versus Electronic Commerce?
in this forum is anything that is in compliance with ANSI X12 and/or EDIFACT standards and/or subset thereofElectronic Commerce, on the other hand,  refers to a superset that extends to binary files, flat files, CCITT G3/G4, SGML/HTML, PDES/STEP, IGES, workflow, and beyond.

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