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I asked you to give your thoughts on the Randy Moss rumors... Here are a few of the responses:

"I am in two minds about Moss. He has tremendous talent when he chooses to use it. I would love to see him catching passes for the Broncos, but I would hate to see him dogging it on plays he is not the primary receiver. For the amount of money he has said he wants, and considering that the Broncos problems are not on offense I would have to vote a very tepid no. "

- Lynda

"Hell no! He won't block he has admitted to quitting on plays, he runs no routes and as good as he is....don't amount to a pimple on the asses of #87 or #80. And besides, how does Moss get by all those pee-pee tests? Look at that ugly, skinny dude. He has to be doing crack. Moss to Denver? No thanks!"


"It is a rare thing to come across a talent like Randy Moss. We are feeling the pain of losing a talent like Shannon Sharpe for half of what Moss wants. If we can get a playmaker like Moss, all I can say is 'think of the targets, man...'"


"Shanahan wants 'football players' on his teams... Moss is only a wide receiver. "


"I'd hate to see Moss with the Broncos. I think he'd disrupt the team with his 'me first' attitude. Eddie and Rod are our guys, and their numbers prove it. Randy and Chris who?"


"Randy Moss? Nice rumor, but hardly a need. I think that we should be looking at keeping Pryce and building around him on defense before we add another brick to our "great wall of china" offense."


"Moss isn't the mising link to get us to the Superbowl, and we don't need anyone just along for the ride."


"Why would we destroy an already fragile cap situation with some one dimensional WR like Moss? Why bring another Anthony Miller to complain and belly ache about how he's being used."


Got anything to add? Break off an email, and let me know.








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Elvis GrBacking-up Griese?

We all know that Elvis Grbac will be carrying Brian Griese's jock as he plays this weekend in the Probowl. Wouldn't it be neat if we could get Elvis to carry it on the Denver sidelines as Griese's back-up?

There is a strong possibility that Elvis will become a free agent this offseason, due to a $10 million dollar bonus that Elvis is due if he is on the Chiefs roster on March 1. Because the Chiefs have no intention of paying that bonus, this past year has essentially been a contract year for the under acheiving arrow-slinger.

The Chiefs, who are notorious for being stingy with their quarterbacks' salaries, have the rest of February to try to work out a deal with the Probowler* and his agent. Brian Delucia of has reported that things are going badly in these negotiations, and if things don't take a drastic turn, Elvis will be walking.

While it is more likely that Elvis would rejoin Marty Schottenhiemer plaing for the Washington Redskins, I can't help but laugh at the thought of Elvis on the Broncos sidelines, carrying a clipboard.


Dan Reeves' Past Keeps Coughing Up the Laughs...

I'm just going to come out and say it. Dan Reeves was an idiot. Elway complains to him (and the media) that he would like for Dan to address the quality and depth at wide receiver... Dan turns around and drafts a quarterback, "Touchdown" Tommy Maddox. Nice Dan. Real nice. You showed Elway alright. Dan got what he deserved: to watch Elway go back to back on a team designed around his talent... And best of all, poetic justice, as Dan suffered one of the losses in his only return to the Superbowl since he was with the Broncos.

Dan's mistake will be popping up on a television near you on Saturday nights, as "Touchdown" Tommy, long washed out of the league, will make his return to football as the starting quarterback of the Los Angeles Xtreme in the much hyped XFL opener this weekend.

Other ex-Broncos that were drafted into the XFL include the following:

  • Linebacker, Mike Croel (another first round Dan Reeves bust), Las Vegas Outlaws
  • Wide Receiver, Marcus Nash (A first round Shanahan bust), Memphis Maniax
  • Runningback, John Avery (A first round Jimmy Johnson bust who spent some time with Denver), Chicago Enforcers
  • Offensive Lineman, David Diaz Infante, San Francisco Demons


Weekly Raider Ugly!

Here we go again with our Weekly Raider Ugly. This week we focus on what we at the Orange Mane call "Typical Raider Ugly" (latin typicalis raider deformis).

Typical Raider Ugly

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.

Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound.


The January Archive Has Landed!

If you missed any of the January stuff, there is no longer any need to beat yourself up over it. Now you can enjoy a whole month of Orange Mane barbs in one sitting!

You'll cry over the Gus Frerotte disaster... You'll laugh as Greg Robinson gets shipped out to the Chiefs... You'll be merry as you see Grbac in white... and you'll feel bad for the quarterback with no heart...

And if you act now, you'll also recieve a long wait as you wait for the entire month of January to load!



Attention All Rumor Lovers!

We've already discussed the Moss rumors, and come to the conclusion that Moss just wouldn't fit in Denver. While that means nothing in the grand scheme of things, it is doubtful that we would ever make a play for moss considering the talent we have already at the wide out spot.

But an interesting situation is developing that might make sense for the Broncos to pursue.

The first piece of the puzzle is the fact that Minnesota Viking Runningback, Robert Smith is contemplating retirement. The second piece of the puzzle is that Shanahan has said he will entertain trade offers for any of his runningbacks (read as Mike Anderson). The third piece of the puzzle is that Mike Anderson is starting to make contract demands. And the final piece of the puzzle... John Randle, noted defensive tackle of the Minnesota Vikings asked to be traded today, citing problems he has with the Vikings defense.

Take it for what it's worth... healthy speculation.

Would you trade straight across, Anderson for Randle, or should the Vikings have to sweeten this deal? Tell me what you think of an arrangement like this...

Another thing to consider, as pointed out by an Orange Mane reader, is that Romanowski always seems to find his way out of Denver when Ray Rhodes comes to town. Could we possibly see Romo reunited with his buddy, Bubby Brister, wearing purple next year?


Raiders Will Be Back, Guarantees Crack Whore.

Not to be outdone by Jim Fassel, an Oakland Area crack whore held a press conference at Raider headquarters to give her vote of confidence to the current team.

"Them boys work real hard, ya hear," explained the crack whore. "I aint got no doubt that these here boys haven't not gotten what it takes to not miss not going to that there Superbowl, an' I guarantee!"

Later, the crack whore offered to pose for nude pictures to be distributed on the Internet for money.


Raiders will be back for action, says Oakland area crack whore.


Defensive Survivor!

It's that time of year again. I'm talking about goofy assed hype surrounding the "Survivor" phenomenom. Personally, I've never seen an episode. But I listen to enough AM talk radio to know that sports jockeys love to employ the "Survivor" theme like crazy. I figure, I might as well get some play out of all this hype... And so I give you "Defensive Survivor."

Each week, Orange Mane readers will be asked to kick another starter off the defense. Luckily for these guys, Greg Robinson has already been thrown off the island, so they wont have to suffer the embarassment of being the first to go. Oh, and you can go ahead and assume that Lester Archamchoke fell out of the boat on the way to the island (he wasn't a starter, I know, but I had to throw in a Lester Archamchoke jab in there somewhere).

You've stomached their bad play all season long... You might as well let your voice be heard...

Defensive Survivor
Which defensive starter are you voting off the "island?"
DE Tanuvasa
DT Traylor
DT Pryce
DE Pittman
LB Romanowski
LB Wilson
LB Mobley
CB Crockett
SS Jenkins
FS Brown
CB Buckley

Current results


While you're at it, why don't you tell me why you are voting the way you are. I'll post the best ones about the player we boot this week. Include in your response why this player deserves to go more than another player.

Mile High Something or Other

I read somewhere that some people want to call Mile High Stadium by some other name... Investo something or other... I'm not quite certain. I didn't pay much attention to what the article was saying becuase it sounded so ridiculous, calling Mile High Stadium something other than "Mile High Stadium."

I figure, fine, those oddballs can go ahead and call Mile High Stadium whatever they want to call it... Investo something or other, or whatnot. I'm going to keep on calling it "Mile High Stadium."

Oh yeah, and tell those folks at Investo or whatnot that I'm not going to buy any of their insulation, or whatever...


Ray Lewis Made the Box!

Poor Ray Lewis. He is being so mistreated by the fans and media. It's gotten so bad that he's had to compare himself to Jesus. Poor guy.

Will someone please tell Shannon Sharpe to shut the hell up about it already? Why am I supposed to feel more sorry for Ray Lewis than for the families who are living without justice, thanks in large part to Ray? I don't want to see Ray on a Wheaties box, and I'm glad that General Mills made the right decision to "obstruct" Ray's image from being added.

But I don't want Ray to be left out. So I'm starting a cereal company just for him. Here's the first box design:


Ray Lewis Makes the Box!
Ray Lewis Makes the Box


All Heart!

In a must-win game against a wicked foe, Brian Griese toughed it out despite a third degree shoulder separation. Brian proved that he was all heart by coming back from a cheap shot as he was slammed into the turf while running out of bounds.


Gruden and Al Davis Talk some football!
Degrees of Seperation

Despite the separation in his throwing shoulder, Brian came back and led the team to a victory over the Jokeland Raiders, winning the game, the loyalty of his teammates and the admiration of the Denver fans.

For his mettle and leadership, Brian was honored with the "All-Heart Performance of the Year Award." The Orange Mane would like to salute Brian for his courageous effort, and his role in a sweep over the Raiders. He makes the Broncos fans proud.

Now, lets talk with Mikey about getting this whole contract thing squared away...


If He Only Had a Heart...

In retrospect of the "All Heart Award" that Brian Griese has just received, it is hard not to look at a quarterback under similar circumstances. Rich Gannon, after seperating his non throwing shoulder, pulled himself from the AFC Championship Game against the Ravens, saying "Jon, you might as well put Bobby in." You can't help but wonder how far the Raiders might have gone if Gannon only had the heart of Brian Griese.


Gruden and Al Davis Talk some football!
Pulled himself from the AFC Championship Game.


Looking for a draft guru...

Do you eat sleep and breath college football? Do you have a knack for evaluating talent? Do you love putting together mock drafts, and wish you had a place to host your masterpeices? If so, read on...

I'm currently looking for a draft guru to run a weekly bit. You'd be asked to publish two "bits" a week: 1) Your latest mock draft & 2) A weekly talent round-up on positions pertinant to the Broncos upcoming draft...

If you are interested, break off an email and let me know why you would be my best choice. Include your view of the Broncos upcoming draft, and a top 10 mock draft wouldn't hurt. I'll make my decision in approximately 2 weeks, and you'll be on your way to fortune and fame.



If I Don't Stoke The Moss Rumors, what Good Am I?

Here we go again... Last year it was the "Brett Favre to Denver" rumors. I'll admit it. I got sucked into that one. Just think of the possibilities of a Mike Shanahan/Brett Favre offense... I know I did.

Well, it's that time of year again, and this time it's Randy Moss. The St. Paul Pioneer Planet is raising the possibility that Minnesota might be looking to trade the lanky phenom rather than pay the $20 million signing bonus that will come along with his contract extension.

Moss wouldn't come cheap, and of course, there would be competition. The Planet reports that Oakland, Denver and Washington would be likely suitors, and that the price could be at least two first-round draft picks, a couple of second-round picks and a top defensive player (read as Trevor Pryce).


Major Pain?
2001-19-January [Filed by Taco John ]

It was bound to happen. Mike Anderson runs for 1500 yards and earns Offensive Rookie of the Year Awards. Why shouldn't he ask for more money? When you do a good job at work, you ask for a raise... It's just the way things work... But what happens if your boss tells you that the company can't afford to give you a raise at this time?

I want to go on the record as saying that I don't mind that Mike Anderson is asking for more money. I will have a problem, however, if he decides that he is going to hold out if he doesn't get the huge raise he expects. He had no problem signing the contract when it was offered. He shouldn't have a problem playing under that contract should it come down to that.

Questions will continue to swirl regarding Mike Anderson's role on the team. Some suggest that he will be moved to full back (a thought which I find laughable... what is going to make Mike Anderson forget that he has been a very productive half-back, and can make good money at the half back position if traded to another team?).

In the end, I wont be suprised to see a draft day trade involving Mike Anderson. Considering the past, I don't see Shanahan bending to Mike Anderson's demands. There is no telling whether or not Anderson will be playing a big role on this team next year, and I'd be willing to bet that Shanahan has him playing under the same contract for at least another year before he gives Anderson the raise he is looking for.

Let's just hope that Major Pain wont become a major pain.





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January 2001

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Free agency
"I have a theory that you need 3 stars on D. One good corner, one good LB, and one good DL. Build around the rest... "
-amesj523 @ the DPO

Greg Robinson @ KC
"I am looking forward to watching Terrell break plenty of big runs on [the Chiefs].... If they do manage to get us into third and long, we can just throw it deep for a sure touchdown... Robinson's defenses always had the same problems. "
-bud- @ the RMN

Robinson @ KC
"Robinson couldn't figure out the Bengals... how can figure us out? "
-BroncoBUSTER @ Mouthoff

It's Official!
"Now that the dead weight is gone and there is a real coordinator in, all that s left to do is to cut all of those cornerbacks who can' t stop the run or even force the play to the inside!"
Shu-jinn @

Next Years Team
"We need Mobley more than Romo... [Romo has] lost a be step in his coverage ability. Mobley [can] go to the strong side and Cadrez and Gold [should] compete for weak side."
Woody @

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Dear TJ...


I just visited the new I have tears coming down I laughed so hard. It's wonderful. This website is something the Broncos fans online have needed forever. It's so original, witty, and mind numbingly hilarious. The sarcasm employed has me rolling on the ground in fits of uncontrolled laughter. I only wish that my own site had writing as sharp, knowledgeable, and uproarious as this. It's a true work of art.



Someone hacked into your website and messed up the Naked Cheerleader Pictures. My God, is nothing sacred anymore? Is there no respect for other people's property? What sicko would deface a Naked Bronco Cheerleader picture, the epitome of all that is good and decent in this world?

DPO Regular

Dear Bendu,

I can assure you that I will not sleep until the "real" hackers are found. Now where did I put that golf bag?




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