What is doYOU2?
Ask anyone just about anything…and they won’t know it was from you, unless you choose to tell them. You can tease them with a provactive hint and even pick a mask as a secret identity. There’s bunches of doYOUs to send......to friends, crushes, acquaintances, even your family! We’re talkin’ good, clean (well most of the time) doYOU2 fun. Go on. . . goose ‘em with a doYOU2!
   Ask those "teaser" questions, like:
  • doYOU Hangout?
  • doYOU Date?
  • doYOU Miss me?
  • doYOU kiss sweetly, softly and sexy?
  • doYOU Movies?
  • doYOU want me as much as I want you?
  • doYOU like to skinny dip?
doYOU2 Works Like This:
  • You send a doYOU message through our website to the email address of someone you know. They   don’t know it was from you, unless you tell them (but, our lips are sealed!!). You can even give them a “hint” in the doYOU message if you want to. 
  • When they receive the doYOU message, their job is to figure out or guess who sent them the doYOU. 
  • If they are correct, doYOU2 sends both of you a HOOK-UP notification and you take it from there.
  • If they DON’T guess it was you, it’s kinda like that telephone game (except the message doesn’t get messed up). Because if the person you sent it to guesses it was from someone else, your message goes to a third person (or fourth or fifth). Pretty soon everyone is laughing and giggling and wondering who sent out this crazy doYOU!

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