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NeoMagic Corporation, the pioneer of embedded
memory and logic technology, was founded in the
summer of 1993 with the vision of developing
unique semiconductor technology to deliver all
of the performance and features of multimedia
computing into the small size, low-power
environment of mobile systems. NeoMagic
focused/continues to focus on "mobilizing

NeoMagic's vision became a reality when the company successfully launched products based on its MagicWareTM technology. This technology enabled the first of many high-performance, low-voltage silicon to integrate large amounts of DRAM memory, complex logic and analog circuits into single-chip subsystems. With the launch of NeoMagic's and the industry's first 128-bit, single-chip (MagicGraphTM128) multimedia accelerator in January 1996, NeoMagic began its ascent to the top of the mobile graphics market. The company quickly followed with the industry's first 256-bit, single-chip MagicMediaTM256AV solution in June 1998, MagicMedia256ZX in June 1999 and MagicMedia256XL+ (3D chip) in June 1999. To date, NeoMagic has shipped over 22 million units of its multimedia accelerators. 

But of course… the NeoMagic approach is more than just integration. The company continues to identify opportunities where the level of integration leads to solutions that could not be achieved on an economical scale with discrete solutions. 

With the arrival of the year 2000, NeoMagic will focus its technology, system-on-chip (SoC) expertise and R&D toward developing semiconductor solutions for smart handheld devices, Internet video and broadband wireless communications. NeoMagic will also move back to a functional and centralized engineering organization to support the company's strategy of enabling mobile multimedia content and internet-based communications.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley, NeoMagic is a dynamic company in an era of rapidly advancing technologies. Stay tuned as NeoMagic moves forward. Please come back and visit us at for further updates.