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Too Much Fun began the second we hit our Waikiki hotel ...we arrived late Monday afternoon, 4 of us changed into shorts and headed for a pool and the Mai Tais ...first round was on Mike and Beth Sliter ...we wished they could have joined us! We changed again and walked over to a Luau dinner ...a first experience for many of us. We were entertained by musicians as we sipped drinks ...later on traditional Polynesian dancers entertained us in colorful, pageantry costumes while a Don Ho type singer sang to us. We were served fresh pineapple, Lomi Lomi Salmon tomato relish (think raw salmon salsa), Kalua Pig (think shredded roasted pork), seaweed salad (can't describe!), Poi (boiled & mashed taro) tasted a bit like mashed pinto bean ...pretty bland! ...And for desert ...coconut cake and Haupia (think coconut favored jello).The Luau food was good, but the Polynesian potluck and catered tables that the local dancers prepared for us ...those foods were exotic and tasty treats! I very much enjoyed sampling everything ...and only the Kim Chee (cabbage) turned out to be the hot, spicy, mouth on fire...don't try that again surprise!

The shoppin' was the BEST I have ever experienced ...some stores (ABC's) are open 24/7 ...but most EVERY department store and boutique is open until 11PM ...we walked miles everyday ...just lookin' and absorbing all the new trends and color ideas in all the shops! Along Kalakaua Avenue ...each time we emerged from a shop we noticed the sun cresting higher and higher over Diamond Head bringing warmth to all the surfers and sunbathers on Waikiki Beach. We shopped everyday and still we didn't have time to see all the malls! I made time to sit at the pool one day (I'm not a sand lover)...but you would have to waste many hours each day bakin' in the sun to get enough color to make a difference! Everyday my routine was the same ....get up at 8ish ...put on swim suit and shorts ...walk to breakfast, walk to shop, take bus or trolley home to change for DANCIN' dinner and DANCE at local lessons ...return to room to freshen up ...walk to a local country western bar and DANCE some more ...fall into bed well after 1AM. When the trade winds kick up ...a sweater, sweat shirt, or light jacket is needed, but 99% of the time morning, noon or night can be in short sleeves and shorts. (Shoppin'Queen advice ...for Pearls ask BethAnn or Glenda ...for directions to the nearest/or best malls ...ask Lorraine!)

Local line dance lessons on Tuesday night happen at the Nashville Waikiki ...for this night out ...our host and local instructor was Doris Kalal ...she taught Blue Finger Lou easy 32 count dance created by Dennis Foley & Verity Mills. (you can download the dance from Doris taught her dance ...Jump, Jive & Swing at the Saturday Aloha Workshop. Guest instructor from the San Francisco Bay Area was Gina Mello ...she taught her new dance ...It's Raining Men. Guest Instructor from Southern California was Doug Miranda ...he taught us Peter Meltelnick's Down on the Corner (in less than 10 minutes) is a 32 count, 4 wall beginner dance. I personally love to sing along with the Mavericks while doin' this fun dance can take a listen to The Mavericks singin' Down on the Corner clicking here.

During request open dancin' at Nashville Waikiki ...Rose Colored Glasses (Ernie Hutchinson), What's Your Name (Michael Barr), Who Did You Call Darlin' (Kevin & Maria, NSW), Islands in the Stream (Karen Jones), Larger Than Life (Simon Ward), Chilly Cha Cha (AT Kinson), Patient Heart (Michael Vera-Lobos), Now or Never (Kathy Hunyadi), Hot Tamales (Neil Hale), J'ai du Boogie (Max Perry) and the Max Perry dance ...Blue Finger Lou filled the floor.
(Nashville Waikiki is the local Country Western Bar located in the basement of the Outrigger West Hotel by DJ. The floor is small, but wooden (think back to the Horseshoe Club). The ceiling is low enough for me to touch and the air conditioning works very well. I needed jeans and sometimes my jacket to be comfortable in this bar. The ladies room was very clean and had at least 6 doors. The $6 buffet was just ok ...the salad was good. Lorraine thought the Mai Tais were ok. I had the best time and some of us returned to dance on Wednesday night!)

Local line dance lessons on Thursdays happen over the mountain at the Windward Mall ...our host and instructor was Linda Hijirida. Upon arrival ...Linda presented me with a Hawaiian Haku ...a head lei of fresh flowers that gradually dry and are worn for special occasions.(Thank You Linda, I truely felt honored to be part of this Hawaiin line dance community.)

The stage is in the middle of the mall in an open space ...100+ dancers take lessons here every week. On this particular night ...Linda, who also teaches line dance at Nashville Waikiki, (she also taught her dance ...I'm Doin' Just Fine at the Saturday Aloha Workshop) ...asked two dancers to come up on stage with her and take the lesson ...Mel was one, I was the other ...she taught Texas Is Where It's At ...a 64 count, 2 wall easy intermediate dance by Gordon Elliott, Australia ...done to Rick Tippe singin' Shiver N Shake.

I was pretty stressed after that lesson (grins) ...and needed to take a break and find food/drink ...Carmel and Ernie Hutchinson were takin' lessons with the crowd and Carmel was just takin' the stage to teach ....and since I knew her dance already ....I remember that Doug Miranda and Jackie Snyder were just starting their teach of I Like It Loud when I returned to the dance floor is a 48 count, 4 wall intermediate dance done to Jennifer Lopez singin' I Like It Loud. (Having dance lessons at a mall is great idea can dance, eat or even SHOP!)

Local line dance lessons, potluck and social happen on Friday with a DJ and Bev at the Kailua Elementary School in Kailua ...the food, mostly homemade Polynesian, was GREAT...but Bay Area dancers and part-time Hawaii residents ...John and Cindy say that their pizza sticks are a potluck favorite! The DJ plays requests til 10 PM ...150+ dancers were here tonight ...the floor was comfortably full, the energy was high! NOTE from Terri T: Storybook Endings (Neil Hale) and This Woman, This Man (Barr/Burton) ...can share the same music ...try splitting the floor to Dolly and Kenny singin' Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight ...take a listen here. (Terri T tells me her ladies love This Woman, This Man (Michael Barr) ...we noticed!!)

Saturday morning came around fast ...we needed a wake-up call in order to be in the lobby ready to catch the hired bus at 8AM ...the Aloha Event didn't start til both shifts of out-of-town dancers (107ish) arrived! Doug Miranda and Jackie Snyder were first up with teaches of their Danke Schoen (beginner) and Sun Arise (Intermediate) and later in the Event they taught their Suavement (Intermediate) AND Jackie entertained us with a teach of her The Dogs Are Out done to the really catchy Baha Men singin' Who Let The Dogs Out. The Doug and Jackie dances that filled the dance floor during the whole week of open dancin' ...Sometime When, Ever After and Sugar Sugar. You can download original signed copies of Doug and Jackie's dances at their website by clicking here. I personally love to sign along while doin' Sugar, Sugar ...this is an easy beginner/intermediate 32 count, 4 wall dance can take a listen to The Archies singin' Sugar, Sugar clicking here.

Other Southern California instructors teaching at this event were: Carol Miller; Noel Castle; and Terri Terhune.

Besides, Doris Kalal and Linda Hijirida ...other island instructors teaching at this event were: Jan Aragaki ; Salome Sato; Sunday Murch; and Eileen Williams.

Saturday night dinner/social at the Ala Moana Park ...included a teach by Terri Terhune ...TGIG (Jo Thompson/Michele Perron); (Terry also taught Breathe (John Robinson) at the Event). San Francisco Bay Area instructors Carmel and Hutch Hutchinson were up front to lead us in their freshly taught ...Let It Be and their brand new teach No Way (Pedro) ...other Hutchinson dances that filled the floor during the whole week of open dancin' were Runaway, Husbands and Wives, Dance Away The Night, Do The Walk, and of course, Rose Colored Glasses. (I counted 96 dancers on the floor for the teach of this dance Saturday Afternoon!) I personally love the night club two-step feel of Let It Be ...a 32 count, 2 wall intermediate dance with a walk, walk tag can take a listen to Lobo singin' I'd Love You To Want Me clicking here.

Sunday afternoon started at 12 noon and most of us had our eyes open, but our brains were drained! I made it all the way through Terri T's teach of Belly Chops (Simon Ward) but the sit down rate was high by the time Faith Hill was singin' The Way You Love Me. Simon's dance is only 32 counts, but it has a 16 count tag everytime you hit the facing front wall and it also has a restart...the music is pure FAITH the dance is SO Simon! (Good Luck to Simon Ward as he enters this dance into the new choreography comps this month at Tamworth 2001.) You can take a listen to Faith Hill singin' The Way You Love Me clicking here.

Other dances that filled the floor at the Aloha Line Dance Experience Socials were Ribbon of Highway, Cruisin', and Storybook Endings (Neil Hale), Cajun Girls and Gumbo (Mike Sliter), After Midnight (Judy McDonald), Hustle Bustle (Betty Clarke), Chilly Cha Cha (AT Kinson), Down on the Corner (Peter Meltelnick), Back Seat Boogie (Noel Castle), Too Much Fun (Terry Hogan), Crush (JP Potter), Picnic Polka (David Paden), Remember When (Sydney Dancers), Rhumba Ride (Larry Bass), Who Did You Call Darlin'(Kevin & Maria), Dancin' In The Dark (Jo Thompson), What's Your Name, Join The Queue, and Backroads (Michael Barr), Strait Cha Cha (Sal Gonzalez), My Maria (Camara/Albro) Red Hot Salsa (Christina Browne), Perfect Love (Eric Sellers), Sunset Stampede and Jambalaya (Ian StLeon), Begin The Beguine (Charlotte Skeeters) and the last dance called at the Aloha Line Dance Experience ...Hasta Manana (Charlotte Skeeters).

The entire price of $75 dollars included dancin' & bus transportation to the Windward Mall on Thursday, dancin' and potluck dinner at the Kailua School in Kailua (14 miles over the mountain) on Friday, Saturday morning/afternoon Aloha Workshop lessons and catered lunch buffet at the Ala Wai Palladium (HUGE, smooth wooden floor), bus ride, catered dinner buffet and Saturday night social dancin' at Ala Moana Park AND bus transportation Sunday afternoon (12 noon) to the Ala Wai Palladium Aloha Workshop lessons til 4 ...buffet dinner and social dancin' til 10PM on the HUGE wooden floor AND one perfect step description booklet & workshop Schedule. The 2 day Aloha Line Dance Experience Workshop itself was a hugh success. 150 - 170+ dancers were takin lessons on the Ala Wai Palladium wooden floor ...that many dancers always brings excitement to a teach. Irene Shiroma is one great organizer, she had many, many hands helping her seemed to me that local instructor Phyllis did a little of everything...I saw her constantly in motion!

Irene has agreed to hold the event for us again next year, same time, same places if possible. All things considered, I wouldn't change a thing ...but I wouldn't be surprised if many, many world class instructors email Irene and ask to be on her event schedule for the second annual Aloha Line Dance Experience Workshop.
Lorraine and I already told Irene ...we be back next year!

The stuff I don't want to forget for next year in Hawaii: Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays hotel, plane & ground shuttle package (arranged by Lollie Munar) was the best price posted anywhere. Accommodations and the ATA plane were perfect.

Bring one empty suitcase, bring more swim suits then tops; bring along the two Aloha festival shirts; Bring only one pair of walking shoes. Bring two black shorts only and one pair of black stretch jeans and short overalls. Bring every Kippy belt (Aggie and Rui want to rent them...grins) and the light jacket. Buy a sweatshirt and event shirts, and everything else in Hawaii ...cause the shoppin' is the BEST. Bring sunscreen level 2 worries. Hair cut is on Ward Street.

There is an elevator to the left of the Palladium unless you want to climb the stairs. There is a snack bar on the bottom floor of the Palladium because there is a golf course out the back! One hotdog, 2 bags of cheetos and a Miller Lite cost ...$6. The ladies room is huge with a COUCH and 2 Chairs to lounge in and a full length mirror. There is a one door unisex to the right of the stage, but generally there is a line! Sunday night was dress up time for the locals. Shorts were totally fine for workshops and anywhere else we wanted to go.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the air-conditioned Nashville Waikiki are country nights (skip the buffet and drink beer) ...dancers boots to follow ...Barbara's and Lady Di's

The rest of the nights dancers hang at Coconut Willy's at the International Market...upstairs and to the right. Ladies room is one door. The band plays and we dance; the CD plays the same every night... Red Hot Salsa (Christina Browne), Strait Cha Cha (Sal Gonzalez) and Got To Be Funky (Dawn Beecham) were played each night! try and remember what dances were done to which music the previous night...Lorraine thinks the Mai Tais are OK, Terri T thinks the pink drink with whipped creme on top is OK., I'll drink beer, wear fancy or not; the wood floor holds maybe 20ish ...

Waikiki beach at night is beautiful and warm. McDonald's fries are hot and fresh even after 11pm! It is OK to walk the streets of Waikiki after 1am ...I am told that a stroll along Waikiki beach at dawn just as the sun crests the rim of diamond Head is the perfect prelude to a Hawaiian Day ...I will try to put that on the to do list.

The bus only costs $1 to go anywhere and to go home to the hotel on Lewers Street ...take the Waikiki Express and get off at Saratoga Street. Make sure to know the name of the hotel in case it is different ...they all look alike and most begin with Oahu Waikiki ...something...sure hope it is the Village again...we enjoyed our room, had a view of the pool, loved our maid service, and the lobby stores had every snack and even drinks in plastic bottles. I am told the hotel bar made very good Mai Tais, (even better then Roger's across the street) ...the hotel coffee shop is not on my good list. You can't sunbathe at the hotel pool from 8am til 10am due to the total surround of highrise hotels ...ours had 18ish floors ...we want the 4077 again, if possible.

Doris Volz, California
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