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I'm sorry, but there are currently no upgrades for any of my software at this time, but you can download current software by e-mailing me and requesting it. For a list of my software available, please ask for it in an e-mail to me. Thank you for your interest in DaveWare.

A little while back, I made a game. A simulation hacking game. Since then, I've been working on that game to make it better. Now I've even made a web page. I hope that your interest in my game will help me to make a newer version. To get a copy of my game, click the link below. You'll find my address at the bottom of this page as a hyperlink. I've created it using Microsoft QBasic. If you need a copy of QBasic, please request it in your e-mail. TSF is just a beta version. That means it's not totally complete, but playable. In order for me to make it playable, I need more funding. TSF is absolutely Free, but I do ask a small fee of at least $2.00. By paying the fee, I enter your name into a database in my computer and that means I know that you will be a person who recieves the beta version and the full version absolutely Free. Please read the file REGISTER.TXT for more information. When e-mailing me, please provide your name and computer operating system. Thanks, Dave.


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