02/01/01 - Design.Graphik.Phour.Infctd >> VolumeOne >> Go see BrandNewEra for interviews with familiar faces, and the DevLab project is a must see. Also visit: ASmallPercent, go catch Thomas, LeisureSquad, Retron, and new HillmanCurtis

Cool stuff over at VentNet, great photography over at 38Days from RichardMay, nice intro at AutumnBlue, go apply for your ticket to HyperIsland, and visit SketchyEdges, AstroFarm, Lo9ic, and theEtremaProject.

01/30/01 - Looking to vent from the client crap, InfiniteRace is taking submissions for cover designs. Check it out.

Go visit Grant over at AimLinx, check out Nasa20, simplicity at LoungeOrange, updates at the HorusProject, Soupcon, VanillaCircus, and SuspiciousMinds.

01/28/01 - No new content yet, just a facelift and linkage to feast on. Big thanks to Brent @ Assembler for the cool scroller. Go visit MotionTheory, MattBoyd, Massive, Brand New Era, Digital Realm, TurtleEnt., MotionProduct, ThickRecords, and new stuff from NeoPod. Enjoy...

01/25/01 - Semian Darkseed is up, and go see the splash up at Pseudoroom. Check out Twice2 and 7Tone from Johann, Pillowhead, new Compound, Motionbox, and Underground.

01/23/01 - Linkage: Brinda, Labsynth, GMunk, Poows, Ratcliff, HeavyRotation, VPArgentina, TrashLab, ArkeMedia, Noga, SuperLooper

go see the new Aussie INFront if you havn't already and Wildform's first SWF Video encoder.

01/17/01 - SurfStation reboots with a entertaining interview with the munkster. Check out Version1-0, Fourm is a must see, and Adrenalab from Milan, Italy.

01/16/01 - Go see what theAttik has been up to: Oblivia, DesignYorkshire, TraceyGibbs photography.

01/12/01 - Seth says: Warning: Christian Content! MasterCommission1.com

HelloDesign launches Adobeville and go see: Nevub, Evolution2, Tokom, Zanpo, and 3eoeil

01/09/01 - Cool sites coming through the pipe: 123Klan, new Chaotic, DZaster, and SolidType.

01/07/01 - Linkage: Fabric, RetinalSin, Skyscraper, PixelFlo, Stonewall, Xconspiration, Xururu, enjoy...