From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells  


- Contents -


Part One


Introduction: A New Age Critique

Chapter One: The Origins of Vampirism

Chapter Two: Scythians and Druids

Chapter Three: The Thousand Year Elven Holocaust

Chapter Four: From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells

Chapter Five: Dragon's Deep

Chapter Six: The Jewel in the Crown

Chapter Seven: The Cors


Part Two

Chapter Eight: The Cult of Ankou

Chapter Nine: The Wheel of Fate

Chapter Ten: The Rose of Sarai

Chapter Eleven: Who's Who in Heaven

Chapter Twelve: Children of the Stars



Myth or Reality: The World of J.R.R. Tolkein.

The House of Vere: References

Forthcoming: Further Chapters, Appendices, Charts and Diagrams.


This book is a conversational and informal, organic, evolving work which will grow as the Dragon Court archives are converted into electronic data. Further chapters will include The Origin of the Dragon Lords of the Rings and a comprehensive discourse on the ancient methods used in The Rite of the Vampire, accompanied by a detailed endocrinological schematic.

Acknowledgements and Credits

The author would like to acknowledge, thank and/or credit the following people for supportive and corroborative source material and for their encouragement throughout the years. These will be added to as time marches on. Anyone who feels that they have been forgotten should contact the site administrator and the oversight will be rectified if your work has been consulted.

Carol Thomas, Elizabeth Ward, Ian Inskipp, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Richard Dufton, Michael Hunter, Chris Hall, Kenneth Grant, Ward Rutherford, David Wood, Yatri, Pennethorne Hughes, H.T.F. Rhodes, Yuri Stoyanov, Robin Crookshank-Hilton for her creative input on the initial design of the Dragon Court website, David Barker, George Reilly-Scott, Peter Anderson, Sabine Baring-Gould, Ulick Beck, Ean Begg, Margaret Murray, Richard Gregory, Drs. Walter Pierpaoli & William Regelson, Miranda Green, Vivian Green, David Day, Prof. Ray McNally, Austin Osman Spare, George Woodcock, Verily Anderson, James Anderson, Prof. Morton Smith, J. H. Brennan, Israel Regardie, Francis King, Colin Wilson, MacGregor Mathers, Jack Parsons, John Matthews, Jehovah (author of the bestselling novel The Holy Bible) and a bunch of Irish and Welsh Monks for variously fiddling with the Annals of Irish History and for commiting to parchment the Mabinogion and the Liebher Gabhala. In all other respects the bulk of this work was anticipatory and derived from the application of the Derkesthai phenomenon. It would be pretty pointless writing about it if it hadn't and the reader would just be confronted with yet another rehash of the same old material that has been doing the rounds for years.

And finally:

Grateful thanks are also extended to my mother, about whom my father says "that she is the only woman I have ever known to have suffered from post-natal depression for more than thirty years".


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