Galactech Corporation manufactures and distributes the SmarTrex® ACP (Attendant Call Processor) – The most reliable, non-cpe Centrex console available.

The SmarTrex® is a microprocessor controlled, video display, terminal device. Custom designed specifically to enhance telephone companies network services.

We want to help turn your Centrex into SmarTrex®.

The Line Access Controller is a switching device that controls the incoming and outgoing traffic of a single line analog terminal device, (fax, modem, etc.). This allows incoming calls on either the PBX/Key or the Local Line to be answered by the fax/modem while restricting outgoing traffic to the PBX/Key port.
Each D-II is a 2-line unit. Multiple units can be chain connected for a master-slave operation. This provides seamless growth. Our unique design mechanically mates each unit to the next with a tongue and groove approach that results in a clean attractive installation.


LAC - Line Access Controller

D-II Dialer/Platform