Learn to play Jazz in a small group setting.

Central Congregational Church, Newtonville, Massachusetts
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At the Harvey Finstein School of Music (HFSM) we believe that students will benefit from playing and performing with others. Our jazz ensemble experience offers each student the opportunity for self-expression through improvisation, at an early age, in a comfortable small group setting.

With our skilled and sensitive guidance, students will: Develop improvisational skills, improve proficiency on their instrument, gain confidence through performance experiences, improve concentration and visualization skills, develop an appreciation for an understanding of jazz, gain self respect and appreciate the efforts of others through growth interaction, develop a love for playing music.

We offer beginning to advanced jazz ensembles for students of all ages. Our primary focus is the young musician in grades five through twelve. Each group is formed to meet the emotional and musical needs of the youngster. Experience, ability and maturity outweigh the age factor in ensemble placement. It is unlikely, however, that a fifth grader will be placed in a group with high schoolers. Contact with parents is paramount.

Our ensembles meet weekly for one hour during which our experienced instructors, Harvey Finstein and Duncan Martin mold their groups in preparation for their many performances during the year.
Because we play in adjacent rooms at the same hour, Harvey and Duncan each instruct both ensembles, to add specialized expertise where needed. Harvey is a pianist (rhythm section orientation) and Duncan is a saxophonist (horn section orientation). However, Harvey also plays clarinet, saxophone and flute while Duncan plays piano and drums. This versatility in our teaching staff, along with the team teaching concept, keeps the music fresh, fun and exciting for the groups and the teachers When necessary, we augment our staff with equally competent and established instructors

Ensembles meet for one hour on Mondays from 4-7 PM and Sundays from 5-8 PM. As our program grows, other days and times will become

Central Congregational Church, Newtonville, Massachusetts

Mailing address: 55 Fair Oaks Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts, 02460


Harvey Finstein sitting in on keyboard with Jazzberries

Duncan Martin on tenor sax with Swing Thing

One of our youngest groups, Blue Razz, was selected to play at the International Association of Jazz Educators conference in Anaheim, at Disneyland, CA. in January, 1999. This was an outstanding honor for these twelve-year-old youngsters. The convention was attended by over 8,000 educators and performers from all over the world.

All of our bands perform three times a year at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge. Other venues include the Chops club at Dunwells in Boston, the Marriott in Newton and various church and private settings in the area.

We always seek additional venues and encourage performances for all of our ensembles.


HARVEY FINSTEIN Founder, director; Teaches piano, Clarinet, ensembles
DUNCAN MARTIN Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Theory, Improvisation, Sight Reading

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