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  Geocaching is a new treasure hunting game. Armed with a Global Positioning System (GPS) device and coordinates, you can locate treasures that others have hidden in unusual places. Here you can find the latest caches in your area, how to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started in this fun and exciting sport.



What is this all about?
New to Geocaching? You can Read our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn about the sport, read the guide to finding your first cache, or if there's no caches near you, learn how to create the first cache in your area. There are also plenty of people to help answer your questions in the online forums.

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We just completed our first run of white t's. Sunrise Identity was kind enough to build a web site to purchase the shirts. Our first run is small, but if the demand is enough we'll make more. Help promote the sport and buy one now!

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From the forums:
 Topic: What containers have you used to store a cache?

" I'm planning to stash my first cache, and I'm trying to poll to see what kind of containers people have used? " - greg-o

[ read the full posting ]
Newest caches
Caches placed in the last 7 days -
By date listed...
  • Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association (New Jersey) by Jason Malatesta,
  • River View Cache (Oregon) by Bill,
  • Pickle Creek Pirate Cache (Missouri) by Butch and Sharon,
  • Treehugger (Canada) by Todd & Chikako,
  • Columbia Run (Ohio) by Buddur,
  • Starch Mill (New Hampshire) by,
  • AlfaRomeu Abandonado! (Portugal) by Nao sei...,
  • Froggy's Cleveland Heights First (Ohio) by Froggy,
  • She'll be coming (Washington) by GWS, RA & MP,
  • Mark's Birthday -Jan. 22 (California) by Sarah & Team BigHead,
  • Country Address Park Stash (Florida) by John Sims,
  • Baja Boulder Cache (Mexico) by Robert Stark & Tim Walker,
  • Hill Of The Skull (California) by Tuna,
  • Cheops Cache (Egypt) by Ryan and Danny,
  • Where is that Dam Cache (Arizona) by Mark McCardle,
  • geocache (Colorado) by Robanna,
  • Shadow Cache (Colorado) by Obsidian Butterfly,
  • Hawg (Tennessee) by Auximage & Phatrat ,
  • Hemlock Natural Area (Pennsylvania) by Grey Wolf, Aging Bear,
  • Building42 - Big Breakfast Cache (Canada) by MaasNeotek,
  • McKinney Wall (Texas) by Eoghan & Pumpkin Princess,
  • Salt Ponds (California) by Bill Liang,
  • The Mountain Of Moonlit Rocks (California) by Tuna,
  • McKinzie Cache (North Carolina) by Christen, Patti, & Sarah,
  • Roger Williams Zoo (Rhode Island) by Richard Amirault,
  • Table Hill (Owaka) (New Zealand) by Donovan Govan,
  • MZC1 (Tennessee) by Zach Scott, Matt Gilbert,
  • First Dutch (Netherlands) by Wilma,Hans, RenĂ©,
  • Cave In (California) by Mtn.Lemming & Spunky,
  • Lake Pleasant (Arizona) by Team Arrowhead,
  • Super Bowl Stash (Missouri) by Thomas & Monica Quick,
  • Kenny in the Dunes (Netherlands) by Brandon, Emil and Peter,
  • Q-One (Belgium) by Q-One,
  • Catch a Wave (Rhode Island) by DrewClan,
  • Brisbane South (Australia) by Maureen and Brian,
  • Mud Creek (Missouri) by Dan Frye and Mike Fearon,
  • Saint Joe (Missouri) by Dan Frye and Mike Fearon,
  • Lionel Booth's Folly (Tennessee) by Dwayne & Fred Byrd,
  • The Refuge (Minnesota) by doctom and jaywalker,
  • Woodlands Hollow (Minnesota) by Tom DeWall,
  • Mc Dowell Cache (Arizona) by Team Langner.

    Looking to purchase a GPS Unit?
    You can help to support by purchasing GPS products at The 5% commission from the sale goes right back into the web site to help us enhance the game with new features. You'll need to click on the links in this paragraph in order for to receive a commission. The unit pictured to the left is the Garmin eTrex ($109.94), one of the more popular and cheaper GPS models. now WAP enabled
    Finally, an actual WAP application that makes sense! Point your WAP-enabled phone or device to to have access to local caches by zip code, country, or state. As I used an emulator, feedback is appreciated. (some older phones use HDML, which doesn't currently work)

    Geocaching in the News
    We've been getting some great press out there. So much, in fact, that we've dedicated a page to document all the great stories from the media. Some even went out with geocachers around the world to find caches in their local area.

    In Other News...

    02/01/01 - CNN Featured in the Sci-Tech section, 'Geocaching' offers high-tech treasure hunt. Look for the full story on Saturday during Science & Technology Week.

    01/31/01 - Greg Scratchley of Building42 approached a local Edmonton, Alberta (that's in Canada if you didn't already know) television station, A-Channel. We have clips of the show online in Windows Media Player format.

    01/25/01 - TechTV has uploaded the video piece on Geocaching they did a while back. Check it out!

    12/10/00 - feature - Hunting the secret cyber-stash - by fellow Geocacher Janelle Brown. Janelle placed the "Fog City Stash" over the weekend.

    12/10/00 - The Boston Globe had a recent story in the City & Region Section - "Where in the world is the geocache." This article will archive after two days, so check it out now!

    12/07/00 - Fellow Geocacher Chris O'Byrne had a marvelous interview on London-based radio talk show "The Lab" at 8:30pm London time (@896 beat time), Thursday, December 7. In addition to Geocaching, they discussed The Degree Confluence Project, a sister hobby. Great job Chris! Listen to the  RealAudio
    or MP3 version.





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