San Francisco artist James Hartman was born in St Louis, Missouri in 1950. After moving to the Bay Area in 1969 he studied at the College of San Mateo before helping to found what soon became the largest alternative community in the United States, The Farm, in Summertown, Tennessee. During this period Hartman was Art Director for the community's publishing company, assisting in the design and graphics of a range of lifestyle-oriented publications. Returning to California in 1983, Hartman painted signs, murals and interior faux finishes for a wide variety of clients in the Bay Area. During this period he undertook further studies in Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute and Stanford University. In the early 1990's he began to paint in earnest, mostly in the plain air style of his major influences, Bonnard, The California Society of Six and the Bay Area figurative painters, especially David Park. Hartman's works are now found in many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the collections of California landscapes in both the United States and Europe.
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Villa Landscape, oil, 20x24
Blackie's Pasture, oil, 12x12
Boat Harbor ,oil , 20x24
Interior w Flowers, oil, 8x10"
Coyote Point, oil, 12x16
Dark Trees, oil, 24x26
Crow Canyon Road, oil, 20x24
Eucalyptus, oil, 8x10"
Evans Farm, oil, 20x24
Swimmers, oil, 20"x24"
Flower Farm Road, oil, 16x24
Golden Gate, oil, 12x16
Ohlone Meadow, oil, 48"x67"
Harbor, oil, 12"x16"
Market Street , oil, 12x16
Cherry Blossoms, oil, 8x10
Woman in Diner, oil, 30"x40"
View from Bed, oil, 20"x24"
Floral Still Life, oil, 16x20

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